Random Thoughts for Tuesday Morning


I hate the fact that I’m getting older and it’s harder to look at the screen of my work laptop.  It seems so friggen small now and it’s harder to read as each year passes.  I don’t know what the problem is since I did go see my optometrist last month and he said my script didn’t change for my eyes.  Therefore, the problem must lie elsewhere.  I solved that problem by running out to Office Depot during lunch yesterday and buying a 27″ widescreen monitor so I can plug it into my laptop whenever I’m working from home.  It’s amazing just how much easier the screen is to read now.  The problem was obviously a small display and not my eyes.  I feel so much better now.

That icky bad white stuff is supposed to fall on us later today.  Ugh!  I think it should stay in Canada and only rain here this winter.  Wait!  It’s not winter, it’s still autumn.  It’s way too early for winter weather.  Maybe it will go away if I put my winter gear back into the closet.

OMG!  College football season is almost over.  How did that happen so quickly.  My calendar must be off or one of my stinking kids moved it ahead to mess with Dad’s head.

I’m really not motivated to get some work done but I suppose I have to at least act like I’m interested in trying to get something done today.

That’s it for now.  Feel free to leave comments, naughty quotes and/or your plans on how you will unseat Donald Trump and restore order and balance to the republic.  May the force be with you.


12 thoughts on “Random Thoughts for Tuesday Morning

  1. Quote : “If pride cometh before a fall, then humility should come by winter”
    No.2 : “The first five days after a weekend are the hardest.”
    Have a good one Jim.

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  2. Know just how you feel – I don’t even bother trying to do online stuff on my iPhone and I avoid even working on the iPad if I don’t have to. I LOVE my Big Mac monitor (no idea what size – just ‘big’ 🙂 ). We’re not old – we’re mature! As for DT – as he is not my leader in the UK (yet!!!!) I don’t feel it would be right to say how I would unseat him, but as you have asked – how about dynamite in the appropriate place?

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