Thursday Morning


The Physician’s Assistant that works with my Neurologist wants me to give up coffee.  Completely.  As in ‘None”.  “Nada”.  “Do without”.  Understand?  After picking myself up off the floor from laughing my ass off, I told him I’d give it some thought.  He then proceeded to give me a list of foods and beverages that I’m supposed to give up or avoid.  Oh gee.  I love lists.  They’re fun to look at.

So let’s see some of what’s on this list …

  • Coffee.  Yeh right!
  • Artificial sweeteners.  No problem since I don’t use them anywho.
  • Chocolate.  Who wrote this list?  A communist?
  • Lima beans.  That’s an easy one.
  • Herring.  Ditto.
  • Pizza.  Pizza? F **k off list!
  • Nanners. Hey now!  I’m getting older.  Nanners help me .. well, you know.
  • Citrus fruit.  No oranges?  How am I to drink screwdrivers without OJ?
  • Sour cream.  Shaaaa!  That means no baked potatoes which obviously goes with steak.

OK, I’ll cut down on my coffee cuz I do like it blonde and sweet … well, really sweet actually.  Besides, I kinda sorta hit another brick wall with offloading this excess weight that I’m carrying around and cutting back may help break that logjam.  Give it up completely???

Sure, when I can fill my cup with Grey Goose instead.



I’m hanging on to summer even if it is raining a lot lately which i kind of a signal that the seasons are starting to change around these parts.  That and I took a look at my green beans in my garden and they’re starting to play out as well.  It’s too late to plant a second crop so we’ll hafta wait until they’re just plain done before I pull them for the year.  I don’t think it’s gonna be too long from now seeings how a couple of them are turning brown and drying out already.

I think Saturday morning will be a corn stand day to check out their sweet corn before we buy mass quantities for canning.  It’s too bad I don’t have a hobby farm with a few head of calves to feed.  They love the corn husks and cooked cobs.  It’s like candy for them.



I’ve watched this little bunny grow ever since I first laid eyes on it on June 19th.  Yeh, there’s a post and a photo of it for that day.  It’s grown quite a bit and appears very healthy.  It’s funny watching it run around my yard.  It sure is a skittish little thing.  I suppose that’s what has kept it alive so far.  Hopefully it will be one of my visitors to the bunny feed dish over the winter.  It will be nice to look out the back window to watch them feeding.  It would be nice to be able to get a pic of them feeding while I’m at it.