Snow Day!


Miss Anna obviously sent her snow to me from Sweden.  And in as much as I’m always appreciative of someone’s kind gestures, trust me when I say “No really.  You can keep it.” as my reply.  It’s headed your way if you live in southern Cheeseland and/or northern Illinois.  Fortunately we are on the northern edge of this front but there’s stil enough falling to completely mess up metro traffic; not saying that it’s doesn’t take much to do that either.

It’s actually gonna be fun, fun, fun walking in this today.  I really do like hearing the sound of snow crunching underfoot even if if it is wet and cold out there.



Sunday Afternoon


So what do you do in the middle of January in central Minnesota when one is waiting for Spring?  The gummy’s and I made some triple berry jelly is what we did.  The market had the berries on sale anywho and I only have one jar of triple berry left; so this was a good weekend to make some jelly to some restocking of the pantry.  The only downside was Mom came and got them early so they didn’t have any to take home with them but I’ll have a couple jars for them next weekend.  That and I promised them that we will make some strawberry jam the next time they come spend the night.  That appeased them for now.

Art Sunday #158: Marc Chagall – The betrothed and Eiffel Tower


“The betrothed and Eiffel Tower” shows us the two favorite cities of Chagall. It’s hard not to notice the Eiffel tower – the bright blue recognizable, it fills the background. And under it – Vitebsk. Lower right corner leaves no doubt of the roof of the city huddled under the flying angel and the soaring tower. “Artist in Paris”– said Marc Chagall. And confessing to Paris in his infinite love and trying to say about him the best that you can, exclaimed: “Paris, you’re my Vitebsk!”. Indeed, in his paintings wonderfully side by side the two cities.


Saturday Night


Yanno, it feels good to sit down and just not do anything after a day like today.  Cleaning and vacuuming and laundry and market run and exercising and baking some French bread and this cat is just wore out.

I’ve had some interesting follows this season.  I had a WP follower that was obviously a business since it was trying to hook me up with some single ladies from Venezuela.  Then I had another last month that was trying to hook me with Peruvian ladies.  It begs the question:  Were they really trying to hook me up or were they trying to separate me from my wallet???  I think the ladies would be kinda cool to dance with tho.

I just removed them as followers and kept my wallet in a safe place.



So I did my usual Saturday morning vacuuming around my schloss.  I swear to God I vacuumed up enough cat hair that I must have a third or fourth cat hiding out around here.  Big Boy and Miss Lily are holding out on me.  I suspect they’ve been having kitty parties at night when I sleep.

That would explain why the Bacardi bottle appears to have been dipped in to and where this disco ball came from.  Doggone cats.