Art Sunday: Jules-Alexandre Grün


Jules-Alexandre Grün (25 May 1868 – 15 February 1938) was a French post-impressionist painter, poster artist, and illustrator.

Grun’s best known painting is called The Dinner Party, produced in 1911. It was, however, in the fields of poster art and illustration art, for which he was famous. He was employed at a large printing company in Paris and his artistic director was Jules Chéret. Chéret was also his main competitor in poster art.



Saturday Night

I’m bored out of my skull.  My shoulder also hurts.  I’d love to get out for a while so I no longer just see my place and the surrounding yard.  Then again, I did deliberately wait until January for the surgery given how we tend to stay indoors during January – March anywho.  So it’s kinda hard to whine too much when you got yourself into the situation to begin with.