Five for Friday (Fem för fredag)


So it’s that time of week once again where I fight with my brain to keep from being assimilated into the Borg collective.  Let’s see …

1. I’m really disappointed in yesterday’s email about a business opportunity.  Here I was ready to take advantage of it and take a companion on a world tour only to find out that my responding email was rejected.  Ugh!  Someone beat me to this and I’m left to fend for myself.  Rats!  I bet it was someone with shifty eyes and a untrusting nature who got there before me.

2. It’s another beautiful day in central Minnesota and I’m loving it.  Back to our regular programming come next week tho.  Ugh!

3. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get this posted.  I have been one busy cat with work this morning.  I need a vacation soon.

4. I got my little ghost guy out of storage along with a couple other light up thingees.  We’ll get them all set up over the weekend.  I really like Halloween.  Too bad the weather gets so nasty around this neck of the Hundred Acre Wood after Halloween.

5. I have to get some pics sometime today of my Burning Bushes.  They are a brilliant crimson and the sun washed out their brilliance in some pics this morning.

OK.  That does it for this week.  Feel free to comment or wave a friendly “Howdy Do!” while on your way thru if’n you want.   🙂


Holy Cow!

I just received this email today!  Funny, I don’t recall seeing the other two emails.  No matter.  This could be the answers to all of prayers!  What a lucky, lucky, lucky kinda guy I am.   🙂

” I discovered your email and information through comprehensive web email search on directory so I decided to contact you. i have a business transaction to discuss with you kindly get in touch with me on here for more details via Email:
Note: This is the third time i have been tying to reach out to you”

Random Thought on Friday Eve

The sunrise looked brilliant on my little maple tree this morning.  Unfortunately it was for only a brief moment before clouds obstructed the look.  It didn’t help that my neighbor’s tree in the background kinda sorta swallowed it up too.  Oh well.  Maybe I’ll be lucky tomorrow.

I get Petey back from the body shop today.  Woo hoo and butt dancing in my chair moves.    Now all I need to do is find new rims to replace her 10+ year old rims so she looks factory fresh once again.  My oldest said I was putting more money into her versus what she’s worth.  But I’ve had her for over 10 1/2 years and she is a Wolfsburg Edition and I want to keep her for as long as I can.  I think she’ll have a heart attack when I tell her how much I’ll spend on new rims, new wheel cams and them mounting and balancing the tires.

And I can hang on to my MacBook for a while longer when I get a replacement battery for it.  I hate to give up something that is running so well.

Someone said my grammar wasn’t very good.  I replied ‘Plllllbbbbbbbbbtttttttttttt!”  I can be rude at times.

It’s a beautiful day in central Minnesota.  A tad cool but still beautiful.

Woo hoo for lunch time!!!!

Wednesday Morning


We get a few more days of warm weather and then it’s back to atypical central Minnesota October weather.  Ugh!  Well, I guess that means fire pit weather once again because it will be too cool for bugs and mosquitos to bother me when sitting outside.  My little maple tree to starting to turn a fabulous Blaze color like it should.  It will great to see it fully grown and watching it turn to Autumn colors.  I just hope I’m still around to see it then.

Tuesday Morning


I’m finding it difficult to stay motivated to get some work done today.  Yeh I’ve managed to get “some” done but not to the extent that I probably “should” have gotten done by now.  I’m too busy enjoying those blue skies that we’re having outside right now.

I blame Jason for my inability to focus my concentration where it needs to be right now.  Thanks Jason!