My readers snapped in half this morning when I went to pick them up.  Oh well!  What can you expect from something costing eighteen bucks at WalMart?  I’ll have to find a ride to go get a new pair today and a spare for just in case while I’m at it.

A Couple Random Thoughts for Monday Afternoon


I’m watching Miss Lily melt into the carpet as she lays in front of the fireplace.  Yeh, her butt is facing it.  She’s also laying in front of the fan that I have it front of it cuz it’s blowing warm air across her.  She’s not dumb.

It’s “blech!” out there once again.  Thank God January is almost over.  That leaves me what?  Two and a half months to go until warmer weather?  That seems like forever away for right now.  It’s back to viewing the Burpee Seed catalog so I can make a mental list on what I want to plant come the new Spring and Summer.

I have on C-SPANs coverage of the Impeachment Trial on the tube right now.  I was hoping that it would bore me into taking a nap with it going on.  So far no luck.

I need to figure out tonight’s menu for supper.  I’m leaning towards a cheeseburger and fries.