Some Random Thoughts for Thursday Morning

I lost one of my Wolfsburg Edition badges off of my Passat. One would think that Vee Dub would have replacement parts but nope. They don’t carry these things anymore which left hanging out there. Fortunately we have Google which helped me to quickly track them down to a source on Amazon. It’s the details that are important if you want to keep a car looking factory original. It’s a good thing they were cheap. Finding the glue to hold them on was another adventure.

I finally have some PTO on the books. Now I just have to schedule that dental exam.

The gummys won’t be around for a while which gives me some time to think of some chores for them to do while they are staying with me. I know they would like an allowance but I’m not gonna give them money for doing nothing or what they are supposed to be doing anyway. Making their beds is something that they are supposed to do every morning. Helping with Miss Tillie or helping with the laundry is something different. I want them to learn the lesson that they need to work for what they want.

I need a new biometric safe for some valuable. What I have just has never really worked liked advertised.

More later.

Tuesday Afternoon

Summer days are meant to be used for nothing more than lazing away the hours even tho most of us work to pay the bills.It will be nice to be like a kid once again and have nothing else to do on a summer day other than to finish your chores and then while away the rest of the day. That or doing something that you want to do versus what you hafta do to pay the bills. We spend an awful lot of time working to make someone else rich versus making our own selves rich in one way or another.