Tuesday Bed Time

Maggie may be a little over one year old now but she has a lot of kitten still in her and she likes to play. She and I play a game that I call “The Pouncing Game”. How it works she has a lot of curiosity in her she I think it bothers the hell out of her to see me looking at her, then I seem to disappear only to reappear looking at her once again. I do this by ducking out of her line of sight using things like a doorway or the kitchen island or even the couch backed up to the stairs going downstairs.

All that I hafta do is disappear and reappear a couple times and she has to investigate. She will come around the corner or come over the top of the couch and “BAM!” I pounce at her. This get’s her kitten fight-play mentality going. She even does it to me now and then by hiding behind something just so she can spring jump at me. She’s getting pretty good at anticipating me pouncing at her, so she will jump pretty high on a doorframe (about 3 feet high for now). She’s getting pretty good at pouncing at me thigh to hip eight when she pounces on me.

Maybe it’s all weird but I find it pretty funny how she plays.

Monday Night

I didn’t get much writing done this weekend, but did I get some yard work and outdoor chores done. I really enjoyed the weekend weather with all of its warmth and sunshine. It felt so good not to feel “cold” which is yet the main reason for wanting to move away from here. But until that play actually happens, I still have maintenance (like painting the front door area) and the strong desire to some color added to the front door area to go along with my blossoming crabapples trees. The blossoms look so white and are starting to smell so nice when I’m around them. I love when Spring actually happens.