Monday Morning


Lots of frost out there once again this morning.  It felt good to take a deep breath thru my most and feel the crisp central Minnesota morning air.  That and there was also some traces of the cattle farm down the road but hey this used to be farmland anywho.  I can deal with it.  It would be nicer if the road out back my house wasn’t so busy.  There was lots of traffic noise from people on their way to work disturbing another wonderful day.

One patch or marigolds let to de-head and then it’s time to pull the rest of the plant out of the planter box.  I have lots of blooms that will dry out over the winter leaving me with a ton of seeds for next year.  I’ll have quite a few to give away next year and maybe I’ll help my gummys create a marigold bed at their home so they have them next year.  They’ll like planting them and making sure that they grow.  It gives them a wonderful sense of accomplishment plus they are so easy to grow.


11 Questions

I don’t participate in the WP awards out of personal preference but I run across some questions every now and then that I think are kinda fun and provoke thought.  You can blame Sadje over at if’n ya want.  😉

1. How long have you been blogging?  Four years on WP but I blogged on Yahoo 360 before its demise, Multiply before its demise (I sense a pattern), Blogster and now here.

2. Do your friends and family support you in this?  They have no idea that I do this.

3. Which is your favorite time of the day?  The early morning before 6:00 AM (0600).  I like the quiet and to watch the sun come up.

4. What would be your dream vacation? Spending 2 weeks walking the beaches of Australia.

5. What genre of movies you like best?  I like the silent movies from the 20’s and old B&Ws.

6. What do you wake up to?  Big Boy crying about he’s starving to death and I need to get out of bed and feed him before he dies.  He’s a bit of a drama queen.

7. Are you a morning person?  Very much so.

8. What motivates you?  Not getting caught by some lady’s husband.

9. How do you think your friends see you?  I have no idea.

10. What would be your idea for saving the environment from pollution?  I think the whole argument about Global Warming is idiotic.  No one wins in that debate and we will all eventually pay for our mistakes.  I think a much better argument is we all have a responsibility to leave the world in a better shape than what was handed to us.  Totally eliminating these god awful plastic shopping bags would be one way.  Another would be for the US to have a standardized power cord for cell phones (mobile phones).  Another is that I refuse to believe that we cannot come up with a better more earth friendly car using something other than petrol.  I think there should be better tax incentives for keeping your homes and businesses green.  I think government should set forth a mandate that a new green law will be enacted every year for the next 25 years.  Oops. I ran on and on.

11. Happy or peaceful, what is more important to you?  Both are important to me.


Sunday Morning


There was frost on the pumpkins this morning.  All of them except for mine which are underneath the front door overhang.  It was a rather balmy 32*F (0C) when I went out for a walk this morning.  At least the skies were blue and the nearest clouds are off over in Cheese Land.

I’;m sitting here enjoying some Sunday morning coffee and watching the birds outside.  The woodpeckers are enjoying the suet feeder and the robins are hanging around because I have open water for them to dirty up.  The deck is awfully cold in stocking feet.  I’ll probably need some house shoes for the winter so I can fill the feeders and refill the bird bath.

Some starlings came in to visit this morning.  I chased them off.  They’re pretty birds but awfully mean.  They’ll be gone soon enough as the temps will keep dropping and they’ll go south for warmer temps.