Good Bye Summer

Another season is passing and here I am with mixed emotions about it. The seasons and the years seem to be slipping by me way too fast and there’s sense that the pace will slow down anytime soon. So I start cleaning up the yard for the year b y starting with the annual cutting down the peonies so they can go to the compost yard. The crabapples trees have been dumping leaves and I suspect the last of them will be down in a couple weeks. Then it will be cleaning up the maple leaves as they fall down or blow into my yard and shutting down the lawn irrigation system.

Harvest season is here. The soy beans are being combined right now and the standing corn will be going soon after that. The gooses are starting to gather and I hear the “pop, pop, pop” of shotguns off to the south on Saturday mornings since duck season is open. Even tonight feels cool at 61F (16C) when I was out walking after dinner. I had to put a hoodie on to keep warm in the cool breeze.

So, I have to finish getting ready for the first frost my getting a painting canvas for my potato bed and I think I’ll just use some of my left over greenhouse plastic for the green bean bed. Both will keep the frost off the plants while the greenhouse plastic will let in the warming sunlight to the green beans during the day. I’ll finish planting my winter crop so I will hopefully have some harvest come the new Spring.

Where has the time gone to?