Random Thoughts for Thursday Morning


Miss Lily struck a pose for me this morning.  Then she proceeded to chase the lens reflection around the floor until she ended up dizzy.  I wonder how that happened?

I think I’ve reached a plateau for now with getting better.  My legs and head aren’t any better but they’re not getting worse either.  I’ve been doing a lot of thinking on it and I tend to wonder if this will be my permanent condition and if so how will I really deal with it?  And I’m not sure about just living with it given how I like to go walking and exploring.  Well, I suppose each in its own time.  Maybe I’m fretting over nothing and trying to apply a 50 cent solution to a $50 problem.

It’s another beautiful day in central Minnesota.  The sky is blue, the temps fell good and the nearest cloud is somewhere over in Cheese Land.  It’s great gardening weather and everything is growing nicely.  All it is except for those damn beetles that like to chew on the plant leaves.  I had to spray yesterday for them.  I’ll more than likely have to spray a couple more times.

I do love working from home but I sure do miss the adult conversation.  I can talk to Miss Lily but all she does is “meow” back at me.  Big Boy will look at me with his “Are you gonna feed me?  No?  Well piss off and leave me alone then.” look of his.  He wanted to join me in bed last night and then proceeded to show me how he’s protecting me by attacking my big toe.  Damn that cat has sharp teeth.

Alrighty.  Time to act like I’m working.  Feel free to comment.   🙂


I think I’m improving

Well, I like to think I’m improving.  I only smacked my head twice this afternoon on tree branches while mowing the grass.  That’s at least half of what I normally do when mowing.  That’s improvement, right?  Then again, I did forget my hearing protection.

Here’s a little Richard Elliot to distract you from that last sentence.  Hope you can view!

Hump Day Morning


A hoolie blew thru here early this morning.  The was wind and rain and thunder (lots of thunder) and lightning (lots of that too).  The rain came down in sheets and the trees were swaying back and forth.  I rolled out of bed at 4:00 AM and stumbled down the hall to watch the show thru my front window.  It was actually pretty awesome to watch but maybe I’m a bit odd like that.

Looking Out My Window This Morning


It’s thundering and it’s booming and it’s making a lot of noise out there right now.  What it’s not doing is raining but Part 2 of the storm is heading in.  Miss Lily doesn’t care about all the noise.  All she wants is fed and the rest is something to sleep around.  Big Boy?  Oh, he’s a big chicken.  I think he’s hiding behind the furnace right now.  He’ll come out later on with his “Aren’t you glad that I protected you???” attitude.