Friday Evening

Time to kick back and relax.  It’s been a long but productive day.  There are three things that I could really go for right now.  Here’s two of them:

  1. A good drink.
  2. Some good tunes.

I’ll let you speculate on the 3rd.


Five for Friday


It’s that time of week once again … tho a tad late this morning … to do battle with my brain to see who is actually in charge.  Let’s see ….

1. It is an unusually warm day for late November in central Minnesota.  It’s a rather tropical 49*F (9C) out there.  I’ll take more days like this even if it is supposed to rain later on.

2. We’re finishing the final cleanup chores from yesterday.  The roaster i cleaned and the table that it was sitting on out in the garage has to be put away.  The garage still smells like turkey roasting.  It’s amazing that we spend so much time and energy preparing for a meal that really doesn’t last that long.  It seems as tho “poof” it’s here and gone.  It’s hard to fathom that this month is almost done already.

3. No, I wasn’t out for Black Friday shopping this morning nor will I be out any time today.  I avoid it like the plague.  I think I’ll be doing a lot of on-line shop[ping this year since I can’t get around that well right now.

4. Miss Lily is fascinated with watching the birds flit and perch outside the front window.  I’m not sure she would know what she would do with one if she caught one but I’m sure her built-in cat instincts would kick in.

5. “Yes” my brain is winning today.  It’s forgetting to add letters as I type and making all sorts of capitalization and spelling errors.  Oh well.  We tried.

Okey dokey.  That’s the usual post for today.  Feel free to comment and/or wave a hearty “Ho Ho Ho!” as you pass thru.   🙂


My Prayer for Today


Dear God,

Yeh, it’s me again.  Yesterday was interesting but let’s try not to repeat it anytime soon, OK?  Good!  And by the way, life back out here in the world aint all it’s cracked up to be.  You left no one in charge.  Or maybe I should say that there’s no one that has any level of common sense that is.  They’re all just running around unsupervised and cting like they aint got no brains.  How could you have left so many knuckleheads in charge out here?  I’d just shake my head at it all but it would only hurt my head some more so I won’t.  Maybe you can teach a lot of these people how to get along with one another ya think?  Thanks!

Random Thoughts for Tuesday


What a difference an hour makes.  I went out for my first walk of the day and it was grey and cold and windy and that white stuff was coming out of the sky.  It was really whipping my flag around after I ran it up this morning.  Now it’s clearing and the sun is coming out.  It’s still a rather tropical 24*F (-4C) out there.  I hope nothing freezes off.

I wonder just how many times that I have to tell one of our managers that what they are trying to do is a bad idea.  Oh well.  They can sink if they go forward anywho.  My conscience is clear.

I love short work weeks.  Especially when I only have to work three days.  Christmas time is going to be great given all of the “use or lose” vacation time that I have to take this year.

I find it odd that I’m returning more and more to my roots as I get older.  Maybe there is comfort in them.  Maybe I’m set in my ways.  Or maybe I’m getting closer to death as per my youngest daughter’s comment.  Death.  Yeh.  I’ve got her death right here the knucklehead.

OK.  Off to get some work done.  Feel free to comment if’n ya want.   😉