Just so you know …


I don’t want to be a millionaire.  I just want to have enough money so I can stare off into the distance while pumping petrol into Petey.


Five for Friday


Well it’s that time of week once again where I do battle with my brain in the eternal struggle over what I can and cannot do.  Let’s see …

1. Critter Report:  I’m finally catching sight of the bunny that comes to visit me in the dark and feed at the feed dish the I put out for them.  It’s a wee small one and I suspect it was one of the bunnies that were born last summer.  I’m glad to see it managing to survive the central Minnesota winter.

2. Here’s Another Critter Report:  I have sighted a bald eagle flying around my area which is kind of unusual since were quite a ways from either the Minnesota or Mississippi rivers.  Maybe I’ll have my camera close by sometime so I can zoom in on it.  It would be even better if I can catch it perched in a tree close by.  This is more reason to looking a getting a better zoom lens.

3. I need a lot of work and research into taking better photos of early morning sunrises.  Maybe I need to get off my backside and see if the local community college offers some photography courses.

4. Isn’t it fun getting to go to a dentist just so the dental techs can use sharp metal instruments of torture and death on your teeth?  What’s even more fun is paying them for this experience.  God help me!

5. A close friend and I were talking this week and she used a phrase that took me by surprise.  She described my mental and emotional state as my “new normal“.  Actually, she was spot on when I thought long and hard about what she said.  I hate it too.  “My new normal”.  It sounds like a disease.

Okey dokey pokey!  There ya have it.  feel free to comment and/or wave a happy “Hidey Ho!” as you pass thru.  🙂

It’s Funny …


 … how 37*F (3C) can feel so cold in November yet it feels like a Spring day in January.  It was nice to take a short walk with with my black fleece vest instead of a winter coat. The sun felt so good as it heated up my vest.  It felt so good not having that restrictive feeling that a winter coat gives me.

I know this won’t last for long but it feels pretty damn good right now.

Ok, so this is how my diet plan is working out.


OK, so I’ll freely admit that my diet and exercising program isn’t going according to Hoyle right now.  I’m doing the walking thingee in good weather and bad (trust me when I say -15*F weather is bad) but my weight has … increased.  Yeh, I actually saw the “195” number show on the scale a while back (LOL!  Yeh right.  How long ago?) but I haven’t seen it in ages.  And now I have to be careful of binge eating because of the season keeping me indoors more than usual (that’s cuz it’s damn cold out there right now).  I’ll admit it.  I’m weak when it comes to chocolate and ice cream.  God help me.



Hump Day Morning

Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 6.55.54 AM

So I recently got another badge from FitBit for walking 1,600 miles since last April.  They say it’s the equivalent of walking Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.  I have a couple problems with this:

  1. It’s not at all warm here like it would be at the Great Barrier Reef.
  2. I had no camera with me.
  3. I didn’t meet and flirt with any ladies from Oz.

On the plus side tho …

  • No Great White Sharks tried to eat me.
  • No crocodiles tried to eat me.
  • No dingos tried to eat me.
  • No dudes from Oz tried to feed to me sharks or crocodiles or dingos cuz I was flirting with their wives, girl friends or sisters.

I guess it’s not all bad.

Tuesday Morning


Why are short work weeks larger than normal ones?  Why is my desk so dusty?  Why is my coffee cup empty?  How come I forgot to reboot my work laptop this morning?  How come you never returned these items to Ace?  You were supposed to do that last February.  Did you forget to shut off the outside lights?

I really hate the first work day of the week.  My brain isn’t thinking right.  I’ll blame the frigid temps out there.

What we’ve got here is failure to communicate.