Tuesday Afternoon

Joy oh joy! Welcome to Springtime in sunny and tropical central Minnesota where it is 34F (1C) outside, there are grey skies and “Oh Yeh!” that white stuff is coming down from the clouds. Do we know how to live or do we know how to live?

I bet you’re jealous right now because we (and probably the cheeseheads next door) and Miss Anna’s Sweden get weather like this and you don’t. That kinda sorta makes us special and unique, huh?

I bet that you too are wondering how you can live this dazzling urban lifestyle where the weather is like this. All one has to do is to pack up and move here.

That’s right! It’s that easy!

You could be living on Tulsa Time or even coming from the land down under. You could even be a New York City girl or even one of those girls that the Beach Boys sing about. We don’t care. We welcome all to this dazzling weather.

Just think. You too can be as white as the fallen snow. Which is why I never go to the beach cuz I’m afraid some kids would try to roll me back into the water. Go figure that one.

Monday Morning

Another rainy Monday morning. It could be worse. We could be having what Miss Anna had and that is most definitely not a good thing. It’s a good morning for some Diana Krall playing in the background and me just focusing on getting some work done and getting my steps in as well.

But I sit here watching the cold rain fall and a chill runs thru my body. It makes me daydream of Africa once again and I wonder if the savannah is as warm and lush as it appears in my dreams. I wonder if the rivers are as full of birds and if the gazelles still bounce when they run. I’m hoping that some day I’ll make it there and see for myself it my dreams are true or not. There are times when I feel as if I was born for another life and for another time and not this one.