Wednesday Morning

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Yeh, we’re getting another late season accumulation of some more “argh!” as Miss Anna and I now refer to it.  And “Yes” things come in threes.  I think I now know what the third one can be.  We’ll face it in due time tho there are days were I feel like I’m one of the 300 facing the 10,000.  Well, “Molon labe” if that is actually the case.


A Thought for Hump Day

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It’s one of those nights

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I can’t sleep. The nerve block has worn off for the most part. Still tHe meds have me awake because of a side effect. Big Boy looked at me, pulled back his ears and went to the couch. I’m sure he’s curios what died in me.

Like I said; a side effect from the meds.

Back to learning one hand use.

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Too bad it’s my left hand and my left arm is still messed up and healing.  We’ll be ok me thinks.  Please forgive me for only doing “Likes” for a while with few comments.