I’m just sitting here basking in the glow of Spring


Well it’s the attempt of the lie that matters, right?  It’s currently a rather balmy and tropical 32F (0C) out there and our rain has taken on a …. different approach.  It would probably make for a rather difficult Easter egg hunt come Sunday if this keeps up.  Isn’t it fun living in central Minnesota???  Don’t you wish that you could as well?

If you answer “Yes” to either then I suggest that you go get tested and treated for the COVID.  You are one sicko person.

Miss Lily decided she was neglected and jumped up onto the desk for some attention.  Then she shook her head and her slobber went everywhere.  How does one disinfect a cat???


Wednesday Afternoon


My work day yesterday was kinda crappy and today isn’t much better but what can you do?  Just roll with the punches and the ups and downs of this rollercoaster ride for now is the plan.  I think I’d feel better if I could just get out for a while since I am pretty house happy right now.  It was one thing when the weather was the great kaa-kaa and I could at least go outdoor dinner.  Now it’s a completely different thing when I have some crappy weather but I can’t go out to eat.

I think I’ll live dangerously and make a run to the WalMart after I get off work today.  Those of you who can’t get out and do anything can live vicariously thru me if’n you would want.  I know that I’m well insured and the girls would appreciate the estate settlement.

Some Random Thoughts for Monday


Big Boy was a total PITA for me today.  It’s a good thing that I like him or he may have taken the big schnitzola with me as I turned him into breakfast sausage.  Doggone cat.

I learned a new term today; “mortaring“.  It works too.  Too bad a $13.00 item took the ol’ schniztola on me but it started it and I ended it.  I’ll get a new one.  A better one.

It was a quiet day with work and that’s just fine by me.  I don’t need negativity nor do I want negative attention focused my way.  What I want is peace and quiet and I managed to somehow keep it today.  I thin this was a good day for work.

I’m spending a lot of time looking for a half mask for my niece since the hospital where she is working won’t furnish her with one nor will the company that she is working for.  I’ll keep my eyes and ears open since I used to buy PPE all of the time and I may know of a couple places where I can slowly get things for her.

It’s grey out there once again.  My eyes are hungry for blue skies and sunshine.  I should know better than expect it this early in the month but I am so ready for it.

Sunday Afternoon


I have an extra chore to do this Spring.  My step Dad gave this piece of railroad rail a long time ago.  My lil’ sister sold it to him when she was taking part in a fund raiser back when she was in high school.  It works great as a mini anvil but you can see that rust is taking its toll upon it.  I’ll have to clean it up so it can be painted to slow down future corrosion.  I think paint it in some blue and maybe clear coat the top.  We’ll see.