It’s that time of year again


My smokers are out once again and the smell of sandalwood incense is floating around the house once again.  I need to make a run to the Kathe Wohlfahrt store to get a new one and add to to my collection.  I don’t save them to make money on discontinued ones.  I use mine so I can enjoy them.  🙂



Five for Friday


My work area is a wee bit of a mess as I struggle with my brain once again.  Let’s see what I can come up with for this week …

1. I reached a new transition point in my life where I have none of my kids or their family with me for Thanksgiving and maybe Christmas.  It’s a bit of a stunner but it’s not like I didn’t know this day was coming.  I want my girls to have their own traditions and have told them as much and to quit worrying about me.  Dad will be fine.  He managed for years while off to strange exotic lands by his self.  Besides, I can implement a new menu without having to cook as much or work as hard.

2. It’s on again – off again snow showers today.  I don’t mind.  It’s a light snow when it does come down.  I am wondering when we will get an atypical central Minnesota all day snow tho.

3. The cats are loving having the fireplace on once again.  They each have their own laying spot to soak in the heat that the other leaves alone.

4. I’ve been thinking a lot about all of the people that I used to know here and on other blogging sites.  So many people come and go for whatever reason.  It’s kinda amazing to me how people come and go in our lives.

5. I’m still watching and listening to for the owl that I have never seen.  Maybe I’ll actually see it one day.

Well, there ya have it.  Feel free to comment and/or wave a happy “Hallo!” on your way thru if’n you would like.  🙂

Thursday Night


So we go to Kohl’s cuz they have a sale going (like as if there is never a time when they don’t have a sale going on) and we got some new walking shoes for the winter.  Miss Lily proceeded to check out the empty Kohl’s bag on the couch and somehow managed to get a leg caught and it was “Bar the door Katie cuz something is chasing me and making lotsa noise behind me” as she ran away with the bag hooked to her leg and making one helluva racket.  She managed to dump it halfway down the stairs.  I still haven’t seen her since then.  I’m sure she thinks the Earth is being invaded by space aliens or spooks or some damn thing.

One more day of work and it’s time off time.  It gets dark earlier and earlier now.  It’s time to hang the Christmas lights and get ready to turn them on starting Thanksgiving night.  The gummys always like seeing them and are just as fascinated to see Christmas lights as I was at their age.  I still am.  I guess I have never really grown up,

Random Thoughts for Hump Day


The camera had a hard time focusing this morning.  Me too.  I think it’s a lack of caffeine.

I also have a hard time putting eye drops in my eyes.  I have to turn my head just right so the drops don’t go running down my face (which they normally do anywho).  The end result is brain pain goes up whenever I try to put them in my eyes.  Ugh!  It’s a good thing that I don’t have to do them that often.

I didn’t hear the owl this morning.  I’m kinda disappointed.  Oh well.  We have a long winter in front of us and I suspect it will be back.

I had to add some water to the heated bird bath.  I threw my sandals on my feets so I could go out on the deck and add water to it.  It’s a wee bit cool on the toes with no socks on for this time of year.

Ooooo!  I forgot that I have all  of next week off.  I’ve been working so much and not taking any vacation time that it’s almost odd to recognize that it’s actually my name on the vacation now.  I’m so used to seeing everyone else’s name.

I’m sure I’ll think of other things after a tad.  🙂

Tuesday Night


Let me tell you a tale of a November in central Minnesota where the skies are blue but the air is brisk.  The snows came early and and ice formed when it started to recede from view.  Birds flew south and the lakes and ponds formed a skim of ice at first and then the clear ice looked a dark blue as the early evening sky.  Frost paints the windows in the night and they sparkle like crystal when the sunlight finally arrives and shines upon them.

The land has fallen asleep and will soon be covered in a comforting blanket of white that will last well into March and April.  Winter has returned once again and your breath appears in the morning air just like smoke from a fire escaping from a chimney.  Fireplaces are lit in the hopes of keeping us warm and beds have taken on an extra blanket or two.  Meals are a bit heavier and it was Momma’s way of helping us fight off the cold.  It’s a ritual hand down from one generation to the next.

The year is passing quickly and the days grow shorter and shorter as we get closer to the end.  The longest season that we experience is here once again.