OK, so I work for the Fed and whenever my boss and my Director are nice to me I have to wonder what they are up to.

Why are they suddenly being nice to me?  This is so unusual.  Could it be my EEO complaint?  Nah!  That would be too simple and then they would have to admit to doing something or saying something wrong.

From a Fed manager?  Never!


Woo Hoo!


I won eight whole dollars on the PowerBall Lottery! 

I feel as rich as John D. right now.  I took the pay out and put half back as an investment on the next drawing and I took the rest in really BIG bills!  Maybe I’ll get lucky one day and will win enough to afford a girl friend.  That or another trip abroad.  I wonder where I should go visit???

Monday Morning


It would appear that we are starting to catch up with the rest of the world that is experiencing Spring.  I still have a little of that icky bad white stuff on the ground but it is on the north side of the house and it usually takes a little longer for that to go away but it will be gone soon enough.  The ground is still awfully cold and frozen.  It will green up soon if this sun keeps shining down on it and the temps stay as they are.

I have a couple errands to run after work and I can put the battery back in my garden tractor, gas it up and see if it will fire up.  Yeh, I’m more than anxious to get going but I have a lot of raking to do to get my yard ready for this year.

It’s Time to Wake Up


It’s a gardening day today.  God, I’ve been looking forward to this since what?  Last September I think?  It must have been around then because my garden played out shortly after Labor Day.  The season doesn’t last very long around here unless you are really, really into gardening and you have one of those monster gardens.  No I just have to hit the lottery so I can afford a small small to have on of those.

In the mean while, I was playing in the dirt today.  I can’t do much right now but I can start turning the soil over in the beds and loosening it up so they will thaw out completely.  I didn’t have to dig down very far in half of them to hit the frost level but that’s not going to last very long with the weather forecast for this week.  The leaves that I put in the beds are starting to compost quite nicely now.

So the girls and I started some seeds yesterday and I finished up with the rest this morning.  I should have some nice plants to transplant in a couple weeks if the good Lord is willing and if the Creek don’t rise.


Saturday Evening


Ducks on the Roof” have turned into “Ducks on the Prowl” as Momma Hen is looking for a nesting location.  Why do I have Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” going thru my head right now?  What a crazy month so far.

A good 90% of that icky bad white stuff is gone and the rest will be gone soon enough.  The gummys and I turned the soil in two planters and we planted marigolds for this season.  Then we started some seeds indoors as well.  I can start turning the soil in my garden beds now and start getting them ready for planting.  I’m a happy camper about that.  🙂

Five for Friday


Well, it’s that time of week once again where I do battle with my brain and try to prevent it from pulling me over to the Dark Side.  Let’s see …

1. It’s definitely Spring and duck mating season once again.  The ducks are sitting up on the roofs once again.  I’ve never quite figured out what they’re doing up there.  Maybe she’s scoping out a new nest area for the year.  Maybe he’s eyeballing who is trying to steal his girl friend from him.  Regardless, I think “Ducks on the Roof” are kinda sorta funny but that’s just me.

2.  God, I love watching the icky bad white stuff melt in front of my eyes.  It’s a beautiful day once again and forecasted to be even warmer next week.

3.  They are working the dog poop out of me this week.  Uncle Sugar is definitely getting his money’s worth out of me.

4.  I think I’ll make a run to my store of dreams to pick up some materials to make some bird houses.  I have the bird house plan, the bill of materials and I have it all figured out how I will cut out the pieces.  I figure the gummys can help me assemble them and then they can put a coat of primer on them.  Then they can come back another weekend to paint them so they can take them home to hang from their trees.  That will be a fun project for them.

5. I should be able to start planting my garden in two weeks!  Woo hoo!

That’s it for this week.  Feel free to comment and/or wave “Hidey Ho!” on your way thru if’n ya want.   🙂


Thursday Morning


This big and bright yellow thing has appeared once again in blue skies over this part of “The Hundred Acre Wood“.  It’s warm and that’s all that I care about right now.  Temperatures are once agains returning to what they should normally be for central Minnesota and all of my icky bad white stuff is rapidly melting away.  This should all be good news for Boo Boo Sue and for Miss Leslie.  It’s all headed your way.

I’m going to dare to hope once again that the Spring Maiden has “FINALLY” chased off the Ice Maiden for the year.  My whole disposition has improved so much today just when I was able to get outside for a little bit of walking.  I’m way behind for the day but the sun feels so warm and wonderful that I really don’t care.

Life is good once again.

Tuesday Morning


So I’m wondering just how many bunnies that actually have running around out there.  The icky bad white stuff in my front yard is just littered this morning with tracks that weren’t there last night when I went to bed.  Too funny.

And “Yes” that little bandit showed back up this morning.  I watched it cross the snow and sneak in like a thief.  I let it feed for a while before I chased it off the feeder.  It’s one of God’s creatures too and it’s natural food supply is probably limited right now.  All it cost me was a little bird seed that I can easily replace.

I threw out some more seed on to the snow for the Juncos to pick up.  It’s funny how they have painted the snow with their hundreds of foot prints.  They’ve been great company along with my ever faithful Chickadees over this winter.

In the meanwhile, the skies are blue and the sun is out and warm today.  We shall see what this weekend brings.