A Few Random Thoughts for a Hump Day Morning

Someone is being a bit of an attention ho this morning but only on her terms. She also gets bored easily and moves on after a bit, so that’s OK. Baby steps. Too bad some dummy closed the utility room door where here cat litter box is and she hasn’t found the cat entrance in the wall. Put two & two together and you guessed it.

It’s been a tad bit cool here. I closed my hoop houses this morning to see if I can get a hot house effect going on inside of them by keeping the cook breeze out of the beds. My regular planting season is getting closer as each day passes. I need to grid out my bush bean bed and get some lettuce, spinach and onion planted in the large hoop house. I also need to get some more green onion seeds since I used all that I already had. Time to look at the Burpee Seed web site.

I hauled and poured out 20 bags of pea gravel @ 48 pounds per bag last night. It all went into the pit area between the new service walk and the south wall of the garage. That was an interesting aerobic workout. That project area is progressing well even if I don’t get it done today like I had hoped. Maybe it will be done Saturday.

I don’t get all of this Asian hate that’s going on. It’s a bit worrying for me since I have two nephews and a niece that are AmerAsian (their Mom is Korean). I know the guys can take care of themselves but I sure hope no one bothers my niece. She’ll put a hole in them and then I’ll need to provide bail money for her.

More later. 🙂

Tuesday Afternoon

I had a weird dream the other night just like most nights because I’m taking some pretty good meds (all legally of course) but this was a weird one.

I dreamed that I was at a hotel for a Home Depot conference and I accidentally killed two “made guys” that a hitman was supposed to kill. The hitman turned out to be Abe Vigoda and now he had to cover himself with a good alibi by making sure that I had a good alibi because the police were investigating two missing “made guys“. All that I remember after that was we disposed of the bodies in two plastic 55 gallon water drums and chucked them down an elevator shaft so they couldn’t find the bodies.

I didn’t say that the above made any sense. It would make for a good movie plot tho, huh?

Monday Afternoon

I had plans for after work today to finish laying the landscape blocks along the new service walk. “Plans” that is until both of my hips decided to the contrary. Both are still sore and not very happy with me after the weekend’s work. It lets me know what I get to look forward in the not too distant future. Hopefully I’m not right here.

In the meanwhile, the crabapple trees are beginning to blossom and their is a faint sweet smell of fragrance when I’m around them. Part of me would like to see some heat so they burst forward with fragrance. The other part of me is happy with the cooler temps with a slight hope that the blossoms stay around for a while versus blooming and going away in a week or two.

I miss the smell of lilacs at this time of year. Maybe I’ll move further south when I retire so I can experience them once again.

Sunday Lunch

I’m not sure how I managed to do this but I managed to take about 25 pics on my iPhone ad I think it was when it was in my back pocket yesterday morning when I was picking up stuff at my “store of dreams“. Pretty cool, huh? I’m just too talented even by accident.

Despite that nonsense, I managed to get topsoil put into place, grass seed down, seed starter mat in place and my sidewalk retaining wall started. I’ve grown to hate putting in that first row pf blocks. It’s all “put the block down, check for level, take it out, take away some more clay, put it back, check for level, take it out repeat, check for level, take it out, find you took too much out, adjust, check for level, finally get it right.” It’s a very time consuming process but it’s gonna take time if you want it straight and level.

It’s my Sunday day off and I’ll finish this part hopefully before Wednesday.