Happy Birthday to Me!


I can’t believe that I made it this far without someone’s husband shooting me.  Oh well. I’m being taken out for supper by my oldest, my SIL and the gummys.  That means Dad pays.  Ha Ha!

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On to the last trials with my rain barrel.  All that I need right now is another storm to come in and refill the barrel now.  I really hated dumping most of the water but damn it’s heavy once filled.  That’s way too much weight for lil’ ol’ me to even try to pick up by my onesy.  It will refill soon enough.

It’s fascinating learning just how much water that I could save and use again for the garden and the plants.  And I’m putting some thought into hooking three all together next Spring.  Two more barrels with spigots on the bottom of the, two short hoses, a “Y” connector and a long garden hose and I think I can use mostly rain water to water the garden starting next year.  That would really cut down on my water bill.

Five for Friday

It’s that time of week once again where I do battle with my brain to come up with five new things.  My brain says that I can’t.  Let’s see …

1. Work is going pretty well on me re-painting a garden hose reel.  A lot of the paint was peeling off of it anywho, so it needed a re-paint.  I decided that I’m painting it to look like a Tonka fire engine from back in the day when I was a kid.  It’s looking good.  All I need now is a gold decal.

2.  To screw up a new process is normal.  To really screw it up takes management and senior leadership.  They gave us attempt #2 and it’s no better than attempt #1.  Amazing.  No wonder the Department of Veterans Affairs has so many issues.

3.  My grands are getting a little too big for their britches.  I’m reining them in right now.  I don’t like it any more than they do but it’s for their own good in the long run.  Besides, a 7 year old does not run my house nor makes the rules for my house.

4.  On to the next phase of my rain water barrel experiments.  I’m gonna run up to my store of dreams after the gummys leave to pick up the stand.  Now it’s just figuring out just how much water that I’ll have to drain in order to safely pick it up and put it on the stand.  I have it in the back of my pea brain that most of 50 gallons of rain water will be run out of the barrel.  Oh well.  It will refill itself in time and the end game is to maximize it’s use for the future.  Trial and error will be the name of the game for a while.

5.  Most of my reseeding by the curb side of my yard washed away.  Ugh!  Back to reseeding as a chore for the weekend.

Wow!  Take that brain!  Feel free to comment and/or wave a vigorous “Howdy!” on the way thru if you wold like.  🙂

Thursday Night

There are a number of times when I just sit here at night and reflect on the past day or the past few days .  This is one is one of those nights.  It’s time to cast some local friendships aside and let them die on the vine (like they haven’t already).  I think that you reach a point in your life where you are what God and your environment created.  You can change things intellectually.  I think you can change some things emotionally and even your physical being.  But the essence of who you are is a product of time, your experiences and your environment growing up.  This is your true self as the world sees you.

I come from a different time where we played hard.  It carried over into the military and served me very well there.  But I’m back here in the world and the world changed all around me when I was still inside the fence.  The world left me behind or we became separated from one another for whatever reason right, wrong or indifferent.  I’m a square peg trying to fit into a round hole.  It just doesn’t”t fit no matter how hard you try.  It’s time to bid some relationships farewell and go with God.  It’s frustrating to me.



Wow!  When Apple says that these phones are made of glass and not to drop them, they really did mean “DON’T DROP THEM!”  Somehow it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me that you would make something this fragile in this day and age of tough composites.

Oh well.  Good thing for phone insurance.

Hidden Treasure


I noticed from my kitchen window that there was some trash underneath my evergreen tree.  I went out to pick it up and I noticed something orange in the dirt.  It turned out that it was a little car after I washed the dirt off of it.  It couldn’t have belonged to the 3 year old that lived here before I moved in.  It’s a 2005 dodge Viper and I moved in the house January 2002.  I wonder now what little guy(s) was (were) playing under my tree while I was at work.

Monday Morning


So I’m sitting here half organized and half unorganized this morning.  Maybe half is better than not at all. But at least I got all of my nit noid taskers done and out of the way for now.  I’ve noticed that I have a new and unexpected project that I have to get on after work which means another trip to my store of dreams.  I need to a new spade since my other one is well used and worn, so I may as well get that too while I’m there.

My water barrel experiment has gone much better than expected like I said last night.  I have a stand on order and we’ll see how that works out once I pick it up and set the barrel on it.  I looked at the kits to connect two rain barrels together and I don’t like it at all.  I’ll re-engineer something better on that for when I install another barrel.  Now I’m wondering how I could increase the pressure on the water since it’s all gravity flow out of the barrels.  It’s something to think about.

Sunday Evening


I can’t believe that I actually caught the bee in the photo.  Talk about a stroke of luck or excellent timing. But this photo was like my weekend in as much as it all worked out better than planned.  My garden is producing and is doing well.  The rain barrel worked out much better than anticipated and now I’m thinking about expanding it to a to or three barrel system.  Lastly, lots of projects got completed this weekend.

So we’re doing pretty well given I’m about to entire my last year in my fifties.  Time has passed by way too fast for me.



Well lookee here …

Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 7.41.12 AM

That’s been a lot of “plings” sent out to Miss Anna.  Lotsa comments back and forth from some of my most favorite people type peoples.  And of course continuing to frustrate the bejeebers outa Miss C. (hey!  Momma awlways said to be good at something)  That and seeing a lot of people come and go.  I still don’t regret leaving that septic tank that’s called a blogging site.