Five for Friday

It’s that time of week once again and it’s also a extra special Friday. How often does these two days coincide with one another? Not enough. Let’ see …

  1. A Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all of you naughty girls. You know who you are. It makes me wonder and speculate where you are wearing green today. Oh. Never mind. It will just make me get me in trouble.
  2. I am soooooo hoping that this is the last blast of winter for this year. We didn’t get the snow that they predicted but we sure got the cold from the Arctic front. Brrrr! It sure would be a cold a** day to be found wearing a kilt. The shamrocks would be frozen at very, very chilled at the very least.
  3. Both cats and the doggie have been pestering me most of this morning for attention. They seem very unconcerned that I have to work in order to afford their food, treats and play toys.
  4. I’m going to start part of my garden this weekend. I’ll be starting cucumbers and shallots indoors and under the grow lights. They should be ready to transplant around tax day if things go right.
  5. Just one more thing to tidy up on my work tasks. I’m not sure how I’ll spend the rest of my work day since most whom I coordinate with are off today. I’ll figure something out.

There ya have it. Feel free to comment and/or wave a vigorous “HOWDY!” on the way thru if’n you would like.

Tuesday Afternoon

Most of us are so over winter around this part of the Hundred Acre Wood. I think even my kitties are as well even tho they are indoor cats and only venture out if they can catch me unawares. The bunny that comes to visit me at night and eats up the bird seed has been eating on a couple of my bushes leaving bare stalks. I had to fix that by setting out a bowl of bunny food every night and will continue to do so until the snow is gone. Hopefully the bushes will come back this coming Spring and won’t have to be dug up and replaced.

The Ice Maiden is staying long around these parts. It was cold outside and it’s still cold. The 30 day weather forecast doesn’t show much sign of relief until the end of this month. I look around outside and I wonder the same question that I ask every year. “How is all of this ground cover going to melt?” It will. I know it will. I know that we don’t get the weather other people get but you have to hope for better and warmer days ahead of you. Warmer days. Yeh, I’m really looking forward to them.

Five for Friday

It’s a bit past my normal time to post this but that’s OK. Let’s see where the ol’ grey matter takes me to today.

  1. March snow in central Minnesota means wet snow. That’s because it’s too cold to rain. It makes it heavy to shovel, it clogs up the snowblower and it freezes overnight. It’s best to clear it right away. That’s a lesson learned the hard way.
  2. Sophie is a snow roller. That tells me she will more than likely be a grass roller. I’m OK with that. What concerns me is what she chews on. She learns her hard lessons as well. You should see how she avoids white cords now after being shocked by the fan cord after she chewed on it.
  3. I went thru another Chinese fire drill this week for creating another PowerPoint presentation. We answered the mail but what a laugh. I enjoy being in a position now where I can laugh over these types of crisis reactions versus being upset and pout upon.
  4. I have girls in my house this weekend due to my SIL taking my oldest to some sort of musical performance tonight.
  5. It’s sort of amazing to me how jealous Maggie, Tillie and Sophie get with each other whenever I give one of them attention. Don’t tell me that animals do not have feelings.

There ya have it. Feel free to comments and/or wave a vigorous “HOWDY!” on the way thru if’n you would like.

Wednesday Afternoon

It’s snowing … again … because it’s too cold to rain … again. Sophie likes rolling in the snow and smearing both sides of her face in it for whatever reasons dogs do this. I liken it to dogs rolling in the grass. We haven’t gotten that far yet but I’m sure that I’ll see plenty of it come the new Spring. Until then, at least one of us likes the snow right now. I’m tired of the grey skies and the cloud cover and the cold temps. I need Spring to arrive so I can energize and charge up my emotional batteries once again.

Let’s see. Snow out is in 38 days per my estimation. Isn’t that weird and strange that we’re still in the freeze while others are hip deep in pollen? Well, maybe there are some advantages to living here. I haven’t seen a mosquito in months.