Hump Day Morning


It’s gorgeous out there.  Why am I working?  Oh yeh.  It’s because Wells Fargo wants that mortgage payment.  Yeh, I suppose it’s best to pay that in lieu of sleeping underneath a bridge.  At least I’m out of here at 2:30 and I can go do something at home.

I think I’ll stop by my store of dreams and get a couple sheets of 2′ X 4″ exterior plywood for the bat houses.  I can get my SIL to cut them up with his table saw and cut the grooves on one of the pieces to give the bats something to cling to.

You may need a visual on this project, so I’ll take some snaps when I work on them.


Some Random Thoughts for Tuesday Morning


I thought I would start the day with some wisdom from El Presidente.  I’m still waiting for the wisdom part tho.  Maybe another cup of coffee will get me going.

I’m also on a Spanish guitar music kick for this morning.  I miss Spain.  The ladies in the heels and skirts were nice there as well.  😉  I need a trip back there.

Well, the alternate route to work seems OK.  OK that is “if” you don’t miss the entrance ramp for the interstate.  Ugh!  I felt so stupid for driving right past it this morning.  Tomorrow will be a better day.

I’m still looking for the bat house design that I want.  I better decide quick.  The damn bugs are terrible right now and even in the daylight.  About 50 bats will take care of that problem quick, fast and in a hurry.



I must be getting older


My new source of amusement is watching the number of drivers who don’t actually believe that the road is actually closed.  Well, not for them at least.  “Yes” for the rest of us low life swine but not for the beautiful people who think that living here is like living atBurger King where they can always have it their way.  It’s kinda funny watching them drive down street after ignoring the sign only to have to turn around and leave the same way that they got in.  I think I’ll send an email to the city engineer and suggest that they put an additional sign up that reads …

“Ya it really is closed to everyone to include even you!”

Five for Friday

Well it’s that time of week once again where I get to attempt to be creative when my brain usually wants to be non-cooperative.  Let’s see …

1. I got a great appointment reminder when I opened up my office email.  It reminded me that I put in for today off back last January.  Woo hoo!  Needles to say it didn’t take me long to long off of my work laptop.

2. I can tend to my garden today since I have today off.  I would do a few other things but someone hacked my debit card (and the bank cancelled the card) and I’m still waiting for the replacement card to get here.

3. Man, I think that I have a chronic dry eye condition in my left eye.  It looks like it’s back to the eye doctor once again for this kid.

4. Today is Flag Day and “Yes” my flag is out and waving in the breeze.  Then again, it’s almost always out and waving in the breeze.  There are not too many times when it’s not.

5.  Remember these from a year ago?


There ya have it.  Feel free to comment and/or pull some weeds in the garden if’n you wanna help out.  🙂