Five for Friday

It’s past the normal time of the day to post this. It’s been one of those days. Let’s see …

  1. It started out slightly warm, 31F (-1C) this morning and the temps went down hill. The Ice Maiden dumped another 2″ of that icky, bad white stuff on us. Now the wind is up and it’s bitter cold. It’s a good weekend to stay inside other than to take Sophie out every now and then. It’s a good weekend to keep working on my winter indoor project.
  2. I was thinking this morning how the weather reminded me of the weather this time of year in southern Iowa. The end of January typically was the last days of bitter cold and then the temps would be heading up. Too bad I’m not in southern Iowa. I liked how winters were a lot shorter than they are here.
  3. Work has returned to the normal pace. Busy on the front end of the week and tapering off to nothing by Thursday morning. I was done with what I had to do by early yesterday morning and I had to invent some work this morning. What’s the down side? It all pays the same.
  4. I need to make my way out to my shed tomorrow. I would normally have had a path in the snow to get to it but I didn’t get one shoveled out this year. So now I get to play Admiral Byrd heading for the North Pole on foot.
  5. The wind has blown the snow and obliterated tracks that Sophie and I made in it. It’s time to blaze new trails in the snow

There you have it. Feel free to comment and?or wave a vigorous ‘HOWDY!” if’n you would like on your way thru./

Some Random Thoughts for Thursday Morning

Damn, it’s cold out there. It’s a rather tropical 3F (-16C) and the cold nips at my ears. Sophie’s parka vest has been washed and she’s back to wearing it along with her harness. She seems to be alright being out there right now other than not being as playful in the snow. Not that I blame her of course.

The sun is out and shining this morning. I love how those golden rays of sunshine beam through my windows. I can only hope that it feels warm on the face when I go outside the next time.

It’s 8:11 AM and all of my work for today is done. I’m not sure what I will do now to keep myself seemingly busy. Easy money.

My thrift savings is trying to recover despite Brandon and those fools in the Congress. When is common sense finally going to prevail?

People outside the fence have done lost their godd**n minds! When did shooting up a bunch a people become such a compelling fad? When did that become the answer to all of life’s problems and hardships?

Some lessons that I’ve learned so far from Sophie

It’s very true that Scottish Terriers are enormously stubborn. She’s not going to do something if she doesn’t want to. If it’s not the direction that she wants to go for a walk, then we just don’t go that way because she digs her heels in and doesn’t want to budge.

The cats can kiss her (which they have and I about fainted when I saw both do it) but she can’t kiss them. They’re all females and I suppose they make their own rules.

Why is her back longer than her neck and head combined? They are supposed to be proportionate. I guess that will all be corrected when she finishes growing.

Teaching her to lay down is mind numbing. Refer back to my first sentence. I’m not sure that she will ever get her AKC “Good Citizen” certificate much less complete the training.

Going outside to go potty also requires a short walk or so she now thinks and that’s just the way it is now. Refer back to my first sentence.

She always has lots of kisses for whomever she likes. I hope that never ends.

Five for Friday

It’s that time of week once again where I try to rely on the ol’ and damaged grey matter to help me come up with anything much less something. Let’s see …

  1. Bunny tracks are everywhere under the deck letting me know that a hungry bunny is cleaning up after the birds and is trying to survive the winter. I need to find the dog food dish that I usually use so I can put some bunny food in it. I know it’s around some place but I have other plastic bowls that I can use if necessary. It will give me and the kitties something to look at after dark once I clean out a spot and start putting bunny food out to help it through a Minnesota winter.
  2. My poor Sophie appears to be going through body changes so she can go into heat for the first time. She’s so confused and sticks close to me for comfort. I can’t take her to get her spayed until she turns two years old since she has tom rely on those hormones for proper bone growth. We’ll get through this together somehow.
  3. I need to clean out the refrigerator freezer this weekend. I don’t know how many times I put something in the freezer and forgot about it. I tell ya it’s the brain damage.
  4. Miss Tillie is far more tolerant of Sophie than Miss Maggie is but she’s only a bot more tolerant. She also doesn’t attack Sophie like Miss Maggie does. She usually just runs to a high place to look down.
  5. My work computer is using an Alpine Spring picture for display background. It helps some. Let’s see … 85 more days until that icky bad white stuff and ice is gone.

There ya have it. Feel free to comment and/or wave a vigorous ‘HOWDY!” on the way through if’n you would like.