Sunday Afternoon


We’re a few weeks behind as far as the annual transition goes when I compare central Minnesota to where I grew up.  I’d normally be seeing this last February and most of the snow and ice would be gone by the boys basketball state tournament time.  I hated it.  March meant mud, being sick from the flu and no more sledding for some hooligans.  It also meant that Momma would be sending us boys over to the older neighbor ladies houses so we could take garden forks and turn over their gardens for them.  I hated that just as much as no sledding.

It will be rapidly going away if the 10 day weather forecast is true and accurate.  What we have won’t last very long in temps that are between 45 – 55*F.  It doesn’t mean that the Ice Maiden won’t visit us once again; it just means what we have will be going away so we can experience fog in the early morning hours for a commute to work.  So if you think you think that we’re done for the season just know that we can still get the despicable “argh” up until May.

In the meanwhile, I personally plan on enjoying the sun and putting away heavy winter coats and gear for now.  It’s time to break out the Fall weather gear once again for routine walks up and down the street.  The plus up now is I can fit a coat sleeve in my sling so I won’t be chilled to death while outside walking.

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  1. Meanwhile here we are enjoying the last bits of warmth. We don’t tend to get cold until May though this Summer has been long and hot here is hoping Winter will be short and not as cold.

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