Random Thoughts for a Saturday Morning

Recovery sucks but the only way outa here is thru that door labelled PAIN”.

I walked 263 feet on a round about path to the gym this morning and followed it up with a walk of 135 feet back to my room.  It wore me out.

“Icing”.  It’s more than a hockey thing.  I’m using it on my groin muscles as treatment after PT.  It has seemed to help up my leg recovery.  Now I just need the compression part if the Doc buys into it Monday afternoon.

I keep hoping the swelling goes down in my left hand and eventually goes way.

Yanno, I really miss my Saturday morning coffee at my table watching the birds.  I really hate how this has really screwed up my routine.

OK.  No more whining for today!

17 responses to “Random Thoughts for a Saturday Morning

  1. I think you’re justified in hating being there rather than at home. You can dislike, and then deal with it. And keep your eye on the light at the end of the tunnel. Oh yeah, and hope it’s not a train.

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