Well what do you know??

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51 thoughts on “Well what do you know??

      1. I saw other blogs as far as format, they were not appealing to me. I’m glad I use WP, it’s friendly here. All comments with inappropriate responses went to spam. Any blog has inappropriate language or images, I don’t need them to come to my feed.

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      2. I almost never follow commercial and now I’m removing them when they start to follow me. I’m here to do my version of blogging and not here to help them promote their business.

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    1. that’s good to know. I’m sure he’s been letting El Presidente what I’ve been up to as well and who I follow. that’s OK cuz I’m sure my hero Iggy will have some advice for me if there are problems later on.

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      1. Matt had our blog stored on wax cylinders at the Edison Museum in Menlo Park! Chris Christie broke into the museum and smashed the complete record of our blog… then he ate everything in Edison’s refrigerator! (Thomas had just invented the refrigerator, or is he liked to call it the Edison icebox!”) Then he pushed some old ladies down a staircase while he was talking to Donald Trump on his cell phone so he could set up a meeting with Russian spies at Trump Tower! Of course Thomas Edison heard none of this commotion because he was deaf… and Chris Christie denied the whole thing… πŸ‘πŸ’‘πŸ˜¨

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      2. yanno, Gunther and Iggy could investigate and get to the bottom of all of this if they would disguise themselves as traveling burrito salesmen and go visit Christie on his private public beach.

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      3. Good idea! Iggy already has a taco truck and he says that if he wants to find Chris Christie all he has to do is release the emergency brake on the taco truck and Chris Christie’s gravitational pull from his ginormous gut will pull the taco truck into a geosynchronous orbit around the big tub of lard. 🐷🌏🚚

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