Sunday Afternoon

It’s a damp and cool one out there today in this neck of the Hundred Acre Wood.  My sweet potato plants arrived on Friday and they’ve been in a glass of water ever since I opened the box.  They perked up nicely and today was a good day to plant given our wet conditions.  I even found a Yukon Gold Potato that is going to seed, so I decided to try to plant that to see if it wil grow.  The gummys had a good time digging in the garden but quickly lost interest just like any other 6 year old would do.  They decided it was more fun to dig for worms in another bed.  Who am I to argue with that sort of logic?

Everything else is looking and coming along nicely.  The green onions and carrots are doing great and will need some thinning in due time.  The bean are sprouting and coming out of the ground.  The peas are looking great and even the peas in my new bed look like they’re gonna catch up with them.  I’ve been doing a little thinking and I think I’ll try a different variety of peas once I move the other trellis over to the new bed.  Two varieties can’t hurt and something that I can freeze pod and all would be good.  Suggestions are always welcome.

So I need to find a day this week to make a nursery store run for some green pepper plants.  I was given a suggestion to plant some garlic this Fall and I’m putting some thought into it.  I really need to put some thought into some kind of long term storage options for the garden produce so it will last into the winter before I have to actually buy it at the market.

So there ya have it for a quiet Sunday afternoon.  A Sunday garlic beef roast will be going in the oven fairly soon for an early supper.  The whole house is gonna be smelling pretty good fairly soon.


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  1. I had a garlic bud that sprouted and I planted it outside but it was just covered in bugs and I finally threw it away before I found out if it would produce another bulb. You’d think the smell would detract bugs but it was literally covered and some moved to the other plants beside it. I had one that sprouted in the house but then the green tops attracted the bugs indoors and it went in the trash too. No more garlic growing for me. I’ll stick with chard, I can’t seem to kill that and we actually eat it. ~~dru~~

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