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      1. Hah … now theres an amusing thought! I’m guessing though (knowing what I do about the place I live …) that most of my neighbours what think that was an awesome idea. They rock the old ‘tax-paying citizens’, making NZ ‘great again’ theme … but are quite oblivious to the history of this country. So Yes, sparks would be flying alright, but maybe not in the right direction LOL

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  1. mickey2travel

    LMAO! Living within different RV Parks while working, I have literally named my Hotspot WiFi “DEA Surveillance” for the past couple of years, now. Most RV Parks have WiFi service, but the over-nighter’s and weekend-warriors who camp, still turn their laptops on and to search for the WiFi signal. Just curious what might be going through their minds, or wonder what “kind” of Park they came to!

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