Sunday Evening


I had to pull a tag off of one of my plants because Dru asked me what it was and I didn’t remember.  It’s call “Canadale Gold Wintercreeper“.  They’re all cut back for now while I’m getting ready to add three more rose plants, lay down new groundcloth and then re-mulch the area.  It will fill back in nicely and it adds some really good color to the south side of my place.  They ca grow kinda tall so I cut them back anywho.

My neighbors must have had a good laugh at me this weekend.  Their eyeballs must have jumped out of their heads when they saw me actually cutting the grass after all of these years of having a service do it instead.  And it showed just how long it’s been since I’ve done this myself.  Oh well.  I suppose one gets better with practice.  The lawn tractor cleaned up nice and pretty.

So we have a bill of materials for landscaping things that I have to pick up this week.

  • New rose bushes
  • Ground cloth staples
  • 12 bags of red mulch
  • One big bag of TurfBuilder

I have a family thingee next weekend so it doesn’t leave me a lot of time to get this done after work.  Oh yeh.  I need a haircut too.  I’m starting to look like a hippy.


15 thoughts on “Sunday Evening

    You’ll never know what you’ll forget tomorrow.


    i go to the IRS office tomorrow to try to get the last piece of documentation for my KEEP YOUR HOME CA application. Then if lucky I’ll get an answer one way or another. At this point any answer is a step forward.

    life sucks….but the alternative is suckier!


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    1. I have other tags on the bushes so that’s not a worry. and considering you were the first to ask me about them in over 12 years, I think the other tags will last a while.

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