Saturday Afternoon


Today is going by way too fast.  I got Petey back from the Vee Dub crew and she’s running good.  She has to go back next weekend because she has a turn signal light out and it’s an LED strip that has to be replaced.  No worries on that tho.  I had to deal with a new guy today and he looked at me a bit incredulously when I asked why the light wasn’t repaired.  “It’s a 10 year old car.” he said.  I had to chastise the regulars for not filling him in on my preferences for repairs on my car.  I think he understands now.

I spent the afternoon cleaning up my one rode bed and cutting back the bushes in front of the window.  All of old ground cloth and old mulch if off and we’ll hopefully replace it soon provided the weather cooperates.  I had one rose bush that didn’t survive the winter and I think I’ll replace it and add two more bushes while I’m at it.  Then new ground cloth and new mulch and we can chalk that one up as done.  Maybe I should repaint the foundation first tho before I get too far down the rabbit hole on this one.


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    1. pick the dead flowers off the bush after they bloom and die. that helps the plant produce more roses. we call it “deadheading” here in the states. I’m sure you have a similar name in Portuguese.

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