Entering the last week of March ..


I looked outside and saw how grey and damp and cool it is and then I decided that I wanted another cup of coffee to ward off the chill that I felt.  Still it’s mucher betterer than the weather that we were having not even 2 weeks ago.  Don’t mistake me for being one that’s complaining about the weather.  Far from it.  I love the rain even tho it aggravates my arthritis.

I was sitting here in the dark watching the skies grow lighter in the east when I saw a set of headlights out in the street.  I did my sheep dog thing and checked out the who and what and determined that it was just someone stuffing our mailboxes once again with useless crap that I’ll just recycle.  Boogie always teased me about my sheep dog thingee and asked when I was ever coming off post.  I’d always respond with one of my “smart ass” looks out of the corner of my eyes.  This is my castle and no one will ever capture the flag on my watch.

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