Saturday Afternoon


Dinner plans fell apart here today so instead of a group to feed it’s just me to feed.  Tonight is a Papa Murphy’s night.  I’m not sure if it has any nutritional value or if it’s healthy but it sounded good and that was a deal maker.  We’re just waiting for it to cook so the smell of pizza baling will mix with the smell of the fresh bread that I baked this afternoon.

The bathroom is done other than I have to clean the shower and then muster my best attempt at channeling home interior stuff aka Martha Stewart.  All numbers were crunched and we came in within budget, so I’m really happy with that.  Now it’s just planning the master bath renovation, doing some costing and then try to figure out what exact year that maybe I can afford to do that.

It’s grey out there.  I get a tad bit depressed whenever I’m surrounded by an ocean of grey skies for a lengthy period of time.  It’s cool inside as well.  I find myself being more and more like Momma as the years start to go past.  I keep tweaking at ways to save some money and “Hey, put on a sweater if you’re cold.”  That was one of Momma’s favorite saying during the winter.  That and “Close the doors.  I’m not paying to heat the outdoors!”  That’s what you get when your parents grew up during and survived The Great Depression.

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