Time to go home

IMG_0166-XLTime goes way too fast when you’re on vacation.  It seems like I just got here and now it’s time to hop on a airport shuttle.  Maybe I can come back sometime soon.

17 thoughts on “Time to go home

  1. Where do time go? You just left and now you’re on your way back home again. Thanks for sharing all beautiful photos on your trip. I enjoyed every post 🙂 “pling”

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  2. Awwww poop. But hey, you get to look forward to seeing my nutty face in two weeks! 😆💋💋💋

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  3. Your time there was well spent. I hope you get to return often. I know the feeling of a gypsy soul that has been too long in one place. When you retire you could offer yourself out as a travel companion/guide. I don’t mean the gigalo kind ;p … I mean the kind of who will share your experience and guide travelers through the process in exchange for all your expenses being paid. My daughter does it for Japanese language learners, that’s how she can afford to visit so often. They pay her way, she keeps them “safe” shares rules, customs and ideas for travel and teaches them Japanese at the same time.

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