Smooth Jazz Sunday Evening #2: Euge Groove – Chillaxin

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Sunday Morning

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IMG_0020-XLThe cuckoo clock is running fast right now.  I stopped the pendulum to allow real time to catch up with it.  It’s Sunday morning and I really don’t want the day to go any faster than it actually has to.  I’m in no hurry for Monday morning to arrive.

It’s grey out there and a bit foggy as well.  I have no clue why I woke up to 48*F this morning.  Most of the snow melted away yesterday and last night.  It’s trying to rain.  I’m sitting here drinking some Sunday morning coffee and listening to the “pop, pop, pop” of shotguns somewhere to the south of me.  It must be some duck hunters out and sitting in a stand this morning.

The weather reminds of of the Thanksgivings we had when I was a kid in southern Iowa.  Grey and wet and no snow.  We always hoped to have snow on the ground by Thanksgiving so we could go sledding on Thanksgiving break from school  Generally, we were out of luck and we usually didn’t see it.  Still one could hope at least.

It will snow soon enough here.  I’ll sit back, sip on some coffee and enough the view from my dinner table while I can.

Oh yeh, I started the cuckoo.

Saturday Evening

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IMG_0022-XLSaturday evening and all is quiet.  The market wasn’t busy and the weather has been decent today.  It tried to rain but quit.  At least it warmed and the snow decided to melt on us.  The weather cooperated so I really didn’t have much of an excuse not to finish putting out the last of the Christmas lights for the front yard.  Maybe I can motivated tomorrow so I can get the deck lights down and put up.

It’s been nice just to sit around for the afternoon.  No chores to tend to.  No place that I have to be.  Just sitting around watching the cats soak up the heat from the fireplace.  This is my kinda afternoon.