Some Random Thoughts for Thursday

My granddaughter picked out her spray paint colors for the last little Adirondack table for the deck. It should be interesting to see how it turns out. The two of them have very eclectic tastes. Here’s how the other one turned out.

I find it interesting how the recent voting in Kansas turned out. I think the bulk of us are just getting fed up with the foolishness of the 10 percenters on the right and the 10 percenters on the left. They only thing that they actually accomplish is driving the wedge between all of us in deeper and deeper. None of that is good for any of us nor is it good for this nation. I don’t agree with the concept of abortion but I cannot fathom returning to the past and forcing women into medieval mentalities. I’ll let God sort it all out in the end.

The heat is a killer here. I do not want to see my next water bill. The grass in my yard looks like the great kaa-kaa.

My Mac external CD-ROM arrived yesterday. I found a CD with about 80% of the photos that I had on my old external hard drive. Progress!

A Couple Thoughts for Today

My genealogy research has turned up a couple Civil War vets, a cousin of my Grandpa’s who committed suicide and a number of ladies who were married multiple times. I also found some photos that I did not know that existed. It’s interesting to me how this stuff suddenly appears out of thin air. I’ve also been like “Wait! How many times has she been married? Four times?

My nephew is at odds with his mother (my sister) for some unknown reason. I call it “unknown” because he won’t talk to his mother about it nor has he talked to her since this past December. He’s also keeping his son away from her and she hasn’t seen him since around this past Christmas. It’s difficult to walk a fine line between the two of them since they are both Irish stubborn; but at the end of the day, feelings are badly hurt. My nephew’s wife got hostile with me the other day and I quickly backed off. But, it’s time for me to call a time out with this whole mess and keep it at arms length. I don’t need this kinda drama in my life. I’m not his Daddy. I’d chew his ass if I were but I’m not. It’s too bad. His son is my little buddy and I have no idea when, if ever, I will see him again.

This heat wave has caused a nice drought here in the land of 10,000 lakes. I’m glad that I don’t farm since I can’t remember the last time we had a good rain.