Saturday Night


Grey and wet today.  Lotsa wet.  But I fortunately got an early start and got ahead of the rain to finish sealing up my shed for the winter.  No bugs, spiders, mices or water is going to get underneath the base now.  If there are any bugs or spiders or mices running around the base, I’ll find them in 30 or so years from now all mummified cuz they aren’t getting out now.

And since it was raining, I went ahead and worked on wiring up the electrics since the last of my pieces and parts were delivered yesterday.  It’s nice to now have light and electricity for my implements of destruction.  I’m wondering how warm it will be in there come winter.  I may want to build some bird houses for next Spring.

Now I just have to finish adjusting the weather vane on top so both the X & Y axis are correct versus just one of them.



Five for Friday

So here it is once again where I do battle with my brain for ultimate control.  Let’s see …

1. Wow!  This is one late posting.  But it’s been like this all month when it’s supposed to be a slow month.  I dunno what’s up with all of these deadlines but I’d wish some people would go on vacation.

2. So I’m sitting at my desk and I hear the girls next door mowing the grass.  Then I hear some screaming.  So I grab my hat, my cane, put on my sandals and I hobble outside only to find out the screaming was because there was a dead squirrel in their yard and they didn’t know to deal with it much less want to even touch it or look at it.  OK, so I did the “Dad thing” and took care of it for them.  These young ladies crack me up but I think the world of them.

3. It’s a beautiful Autumn day in central Minnesota but I wish that the sun would make up its mind as far as whether it wants to be out or not.  We’re slowly slipping into grey sky days for days on end once again.

4. The garage looks pretty empty without Petey in there.  I get her back Wednesday and hopefully she will look bright and shiny like a brand new penny.  I’ll hafta get her some new rims come Spring.

5. I have a lot of creative writing to get done by next Tuesday.  That will make this coming weekend go by quickly unless I have some tremendous creative thinking go on.  I hate annual performance evaluations.

Alrighty.  I beat you brain once again.  You didn’t assimilate me into your Borg collective.  Ha!

Feel free to comment and/or leave a energetic “Woo hoo!  It’s Friday!”  when you pass thru.  🙂

What a week so far


They have kept this cat busy during the work week so far.  I can’t hardly believe that it’s taken me this long just for a WP break today.  Fortunately my work day ends fairly soon.  One plus up is all my new cooking ware finally arrived.  Woo hoo!  That took 2 years of scrimping and saving to be able to afford them.  I’m gonna have a lotta fun using them.

It’s kinda cool sitting here watching the breeze blow the elm tree leaves down and around.  My feeders have been busy with birds all day.  I’m looking at my grass and I suspect it’s ready to go dormant for the year but the weather forecast for next week may say differently.  Oh well.  One thing at a time and it says it’s time to enjoy the Autumn weather while it lasts here on Miss C’s Frozen tundra.

Wednesday Night


For a short while when the sun was setting it actually came out.  It then bathed everything in some golden sunlight.  It washed over everything but really hit the trees just right.  This lasts only for a short while and you have to grab at the moment whenever it happens.  I wish that I can actually capture the true colours some time.

We’ll put this day away as it fades into a memory.  I still have physical struggles.  I still have emotional struggles.  I have my supervisor and my Director thinking I’m milking this working from home bit.  And thru it all I sit back and smile and shake my head at them because I think they’re nothing more than pathetic fools who make big talk about taking care of their people when all they really want to take care of is their bank accounts.

I hope some day that my hero Iggy can throw some poo at them.  🙂


Random Thoughts for Wednesday


I think I got a pretty decent capture on last night’s clouds.  But that’s jus me.

I went to work in a rather tropical 34*F (1C) this morning.  I know some of you in places such as India, Oz or maybe Florida are very envious.  It was glove wearing cool out there for me tho.  It also looks like I only need to mow my yard one more time if this weather keeps up.

OK, so I get to clear out two of my garden beds after work today.  It’s kinda sad seeing them end like this but such is life.  We can’t have one season without the others here and everything will renew once again come Spring.  It’s just that it’s such a long time for me until then.

I have my weekend project materials for a no football Sunday.  It will nice to have some electrics in my shed.

Back to work for the kid.  No more goofing off for now.  Feel free to comment if you would like.  🙂