Flush the day

i-dSKccpK-XLWas this a good day at work?  No.

Am I gonna flush it and forget about it?  Ya doggone skippy I am.

It’s all good and I’m one day closer to going the Rhine.  Life would be good if all I was going to go see would be a watermelon stand in southern Iowa.


Is it Friday yet?

I despise my job sometimes.  Well, maybe that’s not quite right or quite fair and a bit strong.  Maybe what I really mean to say is there are a number of people that I work with that make my day a bit more intolerable that it really has to be.  I’m a “fix it” kinda guy.  Is there a problem?  Let’s fix it now, figure out why it happened and then let’s do something to prevent it from being a problem again.  Is that how we handle problems?

Noooooooooooo!  Let’s lay blame and teflon coat ourselves.

Ugh!  It’s little wonder to me why the VA is so hosed up.  Another day in the life of a dazzling bureaucrat.  OK, not really “dazzling” but I’m sure you get my meaning.

Some great things about getting older (well, at least for being over 50)

IMG_0523-X2I really, really hated the idea of one day hitting the big 5 -oh and to be honest it was a couple years ago.  But I’ve found that there are some advantages:

1.  I just hafta look thoughtfully and focused when I’m reading gardening labels and people think I know what I’m doing.

2.  You would be amazed the number of people who will give me an “old guy” discount when I ask for one.

3.  If I want people to leave me alone, all I hafta do is say “Huh?  I’m sorry.  I have hearing loss.  What was it that you said?”

4.  I can also do a pretty good job of faking like I’m losing my memory on an “as needed” basis.  It really works good on my oldest daughter when I tell her “I don’t remember you telling me that.”  God that pisses her off.

5.  I Google images wherever I’m traveling too and dress accordingly and a lotta people think I’m one of the locals.  But I don’t think I can pass that one off if I would go to Nepal or Korea or some place like that.

6.  I don’t think the police think I’m much of a threat now.

7.  Yanno, some Grandmas are looking pretty hot.

8.  It’s nice being able to afford a car with “tired old butt” seats in it.

9.  My idea of camping now includes room service.

10.  I can amaze young kids with stories about only having 3 … count em 3 channels on the TV and none in colour.


IMG_0091-XLWhat to write today.  I hate it when I have vapor lock of the brain.  Nothing flows out or makes much sense.  I start and then everything comes to a crashing halt.  Just like right now.  Ugh!

It was time to till one garden bed and add a couple bags of compost with cow manure.  I had some thoughts running thru my head of what my grands would be saying if they knew the compost had cow poop in it. “Ewwww!  Gross!” is what they’d be saying.  We won’t tell them what’s in that dirt come time to plant seeds and other plants.  But it’s rich and black now and I should have some great plant growth this year.  I should be able to do some transplanting next weekend with any luck.`

So with that, we’ll let our mind go back to Rouen and to the Big Mac that we had there.  It was different which is about all I’ll say about that.  And it was good for a laugh.  Who travels to France to go to Mickey Dee’s?    Bloody tourist.

Reasons to get motivated this morning

IMG_0091-XLThos bags of yard waster aren’t going to get to the compost yard by themselves. Yeh, that’s what I’ve been telling myself for the past 30 minutes or so.  Notice that I haven’t moved much since I started thinking those thoughts.  But I have this little voice in the back of my pointy lil’ head telling me that it’s not often that I have a Monday off when everyone else is working.

  • The bed is made, so what’s the hurry?
  • The cats are fed, so what’s the hurry?
  • The sun is out and the coffee is fresh and hot, so what’s the hurry?

Well, I suppose I can at least get clean and sparklie and smelling good while I try to motivate myself a tad bit more.