Random Thoughts

IMG_0001-XLThe sun was out for a bit today even if it was out only briefly.  It’s cool cuz I love seeing the sun and feeling it on my face.  It was very warming but it felt good none the less.  Let’s grab at opportunities while they exist rather than regret what may have been.

Now that it has quit raining and has gone back to winter around these parts, I refilled the feed dish for the bunnies.  I see tracks in the snow but I haven’t had a regular visitor.  I’m sure it will happen given time.  It would be encouraging to see some positive sign tho.

I have a big red male Cardinal flying around and is he ever camera shy.  I’m doing some research into how I can possibly attract him and his girl friends to my feeders this winter and keep them as regular visitors.  I’m thinking maybe of getting a heated bird bath so they would have a ready source of water.  That and maybe hang a suet feeder or two from my crab apple trees.  We’ll see what happens.

It’s nice to kick back and listen to some nice tunes.  Fair warning on the vid – it’s 1 hour and 52 minutes long.  Try this link if you’re interested in what I’m listening to:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pkCQr5AMdvE

Back to the drawing board on some winter boots to wear to work.  I can’t believe how difficult it is to find some dressing insulated black boots.


Welcome back to winter Minnesota

IMG_0138-XLIt was cold this morning and it’s not much better after looking at it all day.  The cold sinks down to the bone.  And it sinks harder after a couple days of somewhat warm weather for central Minnesota in a December.  None of it was typical and there were no complaints from me.  And then it hit back with a vengeance this morning.  It was like being hit with a bucket of ice cold water when I walked outside this morning.

Yanno, your toes get kinda cold in regular dress shoes even if you have on some heavy cotton socks.  Ugh!  I don’t even know if I even have a pair of heavy wool hunting socks any more.  I don’t hunt and I avoid going out in the cold.  I guess that means a trip over to the Walmart later this week to pick up a few pair so I can wear them and my snow boots to work.  I’ll pop my regular socks and my dress shoes in my day pack and lug those in.

So we’re once again back into the throes of winter with all of its glory and majesty.  I wonder what next week brings and if it will bring some snow.  I won’t care if it does.  I’ll be sitting at home watching it fall since I’ll be off for two weeks.

Saturday Night

IMG_0125-XLIt’s a good night to stay in to stay in and watch Rudolph.  It’s hard to believe that this show has been on the air since 1964.  I’ve watched it every year since then with the exception of the year I was living in Turkey.  Now I’ll be watching this show and other annual Christmas shows with my grands.  Amazing.

Five for Friday

IMG_0003-XLThe weather right now is incredibly warm for this time of year.  It makes me wonder just how bad the next snow will be.  I have this feeling we’re gonna get dumped on.

God I’m in need of some good hard cider just like the stuff I had in the U.K.  I need to go look for some tomorrow at another of my favorite type stores .

It’s hard to believe my Gummys will be four years old soon.  Where has the time gone and how did they get so big so fast?

I still have a feed dish out for the bunnies that live out back.  I see plenty of track and sign but no indication they’re taking any of the feed that I set out.  I know – patience.  They will come.

One more week of work and I’m off for two.  I am so looking forward to the time off.

Thursday Musing

81hDlK8KWuL._SL1500_I’ve decided to try something new this winter considering I’m gonna be stuck in the house  for a good part of the next 3 – 4 months.  I somehow managed to save my herbs from this past season and they seem to be doing almost kinda sorta OK with being indoors right now.  Well, at least they haven’t turned brown, shriveled up and died away.

I’ve been looking around and I’ve noticed one grow lamp that I like and am interested in.  Unfortunately the product doesn’t necessarily have good product reviews.  Now it makes me regret not paying attention more than I did when I was in the cannabis shop in Amsterdam.  No, I wasn’t looking for some marijuana but they did have some excellent hydroponics and artificial sun setups to grow the stuff indoors.  My thought process was if it worked for pot it would surely work for rosemary and thyme.

Well, I guess I’ll keep looking around for now.  I’m sure I’ll find something that will work.