Thursday Randomness

IMG_0013-XLIs randomness even a word?  Yes, it is according to the web.  So, we’ll use it whether or not its use is appropriate.

It’s pretty bad outside when one considers 11*F to be warm.  Good God.  It was -11*F when I was waiting for my morning commute train with a windchill of -25*F.  I don’t care where you’re from, that’s cold.  The rest of the month doesn’t look much better.  I guess I’ll just hafta think warm thoughts.  Maybe we can get out for some pics this weekend.

No Spring vacation this year for me.  I got my taxes back and “OUCH!!!”  There goes flying out to the Outer Banks or down to San Antonio for the River Walk.  I would like to say that I have my Fall vacation to comfort me, but that’s a long ways away.  Sounds kinda selfish when I look back at what I just wrote.  We’ll spend some time with the gummys instead and let them help me in my garden as it expands.  They like that.

I went and had some French Toast at Bakers Square after getting my taxes back.  Maple syrup and take home pie kinda sorta smoothed some of my ruffled and burnt feathers.

I heard “Bless you little pea pickin’ heart” today.  I haven’t heard that phrase in I dunno how long.  Does anyone actually say that phrase any more?

What a day at work today.  I’m ready to call days like today “Ta Da Days!” cuz I’d be damn surprised if I actually got anything done.

Happy Valentine’s Day

IMG_0004-XLIt’s cold out there.  You don’t wanna know how cold it is.  I really don’t wanna know how cold it is out there.  But what I do know is it’s cold out there cuz I was out there just a short while ago.  A couple more weeks of this and the temps will start heading north to stay for a while.  I can deal with it.

In the meanwhile, the bird feeders are doing OK and the we added some more water to the heated bird bath.  I’m not seeing any birds feeding at the feeders but something is because the amount of feed is going down. So I’ve become resigned to the idea that they’re feeding when when I’m at work or they are extremely shy right now.  They’ll show up and become regular guests once again when the temps are north and stay north of 20*F.