Sunday Evening

IMG_0004-XLHow can it be Sunday evening already?  This weekend went way too quick for me and I need another day to stretch it out just a tad.  I’m really not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow.  Weekends are supposed to be 4 or 5 days long, right?  They should be.

I liked the way the light from the setting sun reflected off of the patio door blinds.  Something about the way that it looked drew me to it and suggested that it be shot in monochrome.  There are times shots look best in B&W don’t you think?

Maybe it’s just me and maybe it puts me in a mood for some mellow music.  Almost time for bed for early risers like me.

Just so you know.  All ya’ll are just an awesome group of people.


Have you found Jesus?

funny-pictures-your-cat-has-found-jesusI had this guy knock on my door this afternoon and asked me if I had found Jesus.  I responded that I didn’t know he had lost him but I’d keep an eye out for him.  He didn’t think it was very funny.  I thought it was funnier than hell.  I’ll probably burn in hell over that one, huh?

Maybe I should find Buddha instead and just keep repeating my life over and over and over and over again.

White houses on green hills/Vita hus vid Skärlagsvallen

Stop by and take a look at this amazing lady and her even more amazing works of art.

Annas Art - FärgaregårdsAnna

When I started to try painting with acrylic I did this painting. The colors said to me, be naivistic. And so I did. I used mainly white and green color. The view is from my childhood area. The soccer field in front, I played football and up the hill I lived in a white house. Not one of them in the picture though.

When i did the painting I got inspiration from a Swedish artist called “Bearhunter“.

Last picture shows the real white houses on the green hills.

När jag provade att måla i akryl sade färgerna till mig att tänka naivistiskt. Så det gjorde jag. Jag tänkte på Björnjägarns tavlor och försökte förhålla mig lika avskalat i motiven, som han gjorde i sina tavlor.

Sista bilden visar de vita husen vid Skärlagsvallen i verkligheten.


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