Another Saturday morning in the south metro

IMG_0001-XLAnd the sun is out with the nearest cloud apparently over Wisconsin.  I like it.  I’ve always been a warm weather person which really doesn’t explain why I live in “the frozen tundra” as it’s been so aptly called.  But there are extras that I don’t have to put up with – like giant boa constrictors that now haunt the Florida Everglades.  Huge snakes.  Ick!  Big snake meet big hand gun.

I’ve decided that I need a macro lens more so over another zoom lens even tho I want both and I really don’t want to wait for either.  God, I’m so impulsive when it comes to things like this.  I look at my credit card balance to bring my head back down to earth.  One can go broke just buying different types of camera lenses.

But in the meanwhile, I’m sitting here sipping on my Saturday morning coffee watching the sunlight stream in thru my front room window.  I haven’t quite decided that it’s time to go get cleaned up, sparklie and smelling good for the day.  I know I’m gonna hate that market run this morning.  There will be too many people in there buying Easter dinner stuff.  It will be pandelerim with all the soccer Moms elbowing everyone out of the way to get to the fresh eggs.


Random Thoughts on Good Friday

IMG_0003-XLI need a break from work.  It’s been a long time since Christmas break.  Unfortunately I don’t see an opportunity for one happening anytime soon.  Therefore I need to schedule a couple long weekends in a row.  That may help.

My white squirrel made it thru the winter.  Surprise, surprise!  Then again, we don’t have an natural predators for it either.  The little squirrel that likes to raid my sunflower seed feeder hasn’t been seen for a while.  I don’t see it as road kil out on the main raod out back of my place, so it must have made it across that street.

So I have two screened doors assembled and just needing some water seal.  I checked for fit and I’m not too overly happy with how they fit but I’m not going to redo them.  They will be “dofer” doors and will still keep the squirrels and birds out.  “Yes” they are “dofer” doors.  As in “do-fer-now”.

On this Good Friday …

FindX768One can only hope that we keep things simple today and problems will be few.  One can hope at least.  I sure would hate to get a phone call today or an IM from the President to solve yet another world issue.  I mean he has Joe Biden for crying out loud.  What more could anyone ask for?

Well … I could think of a lot but this may be a family forum and we would hate to get banned or some damn thing like that.

Off on my telework Friday commute.  I sure hope the cats don’t stop to rubberneck at some damn thing.  I hate it when they clog up the hallway.

So another dazzling day comes to an end.

IMG_0002-XLIt’s just another one of those fascinating days for a south metro urbanite.  Yanno, I can’t hardly contain myself with all of the excitement around my place.  First, there’s no snow.  Second, we had warm weather again.  Third, the President is still alive and healthy so thank the Gods Joe Biden is only the Vice President and not the President.  I mean I can’t hardly ask for any more than this.  Can it possibly get any better than this??

Well, it would definitely be a plus up to my day if the Swedish Bikini Team came to visit me; but somehow I just don’t think that’s ever gonna happen.  But one can dream can’t they?  Or maybe this is a fantasy???  OK, maybe it’s just some damn wishful thinking from an old guy.  Ugh!

Regardless, I finished with the first part of the cage for the new bed.  That sucker is screwed down tight.  I defy any squirrel around these parts to try to wiggle under this.  Nope, nope, nope.  Aint gonna happen!  What amazed the hell outa me was the damn thing actually fit right and it came out square.  One would think that there might be a slight chance that I actually knew what I was doing.  It’s pretty cool how I faked out a number of people, huh?