Thursday Morning

I have coffee at hand and blues skies for the morning.  Time off is approved and I think tomorrow afternoon will bw a bread baking afternoon.  I need to start thinking about the dessert I’ll be taking to my oldest daughter’s house for the 4th.  I wonder if I can get some pics of the fireworks now that I think about it.  How to take fireworks pics will give me something to research this weekend 

Remember when …

You could go into a Wal-Mart store and it was clean, the shelves were stocked and you could always find someone to help you?  When was the last time that you experienced that???

Yeh, I can’t remember the last time either.

3 Days, 3 Quotes Challenge

The rules of the challenge :

1. Thank the person who nominated you. So thanks to Me at 

2. Post a quote a day for 3 days. “I don’t hate my enemies. After all, I made ’em.” – Red Skelton

3. Each day, nominate 3 new bloggers to take part in the challenge.  How about:

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Wednesday Morning

TeamworkSetup the meeting.” they said.  “OK.” I said.  So I did as requested.  I setup a meeting for next week.  Next

“Make sure you let everyone know that it’s setup.” they said.  “OK!  I sent the email!” I said.  So what happens?

The person asked for the meeting is now going to go on vacation and won’t be there.  This just has to be a Government operation.