Random Thoughts on Sunday Morning

IMG_0006-XL I’ve found why Mr. Cardinal has been hanging around my place.  Now all I want is for her to have babies so I have more cardinals hanging around my place.  I hear him outside singing away but I can’t see him.  He’s close by tho.  Probably keeping an eye on his girl friend.

Rain and cool all week.  I think I’ll make some bread since there’s not much I can do outside today other than finish my one garden project.  It may be a good enough reason to take a nap this afternoon.  There is something about taking a nap on a rainy Spring day.

All of the birds that are feeding and singing outside are making Miss Lily nuts.

Our white squirrel is still hanging around.  It’s amazing to me that it has lasted this long.  Then again, we really don’t have any natural predators for it around here.  All of the hawks and the owls were pushed out when they converted this area from farm land to a housing area.


Saturday Morning

IMG_0005-XLI have the front room windows open.  The birds are out in the trees just singing away. The trees are starting fill out and everything is starting to green up.  God, I love Spring!  It’s even better sitting here with some Kona in my cup listening to it all.

I’ll be making a trip up to my store of dreams later this morning to pick up a few things since I’m still prepping my garden beds.  But that’s not gonna happen until after I get my new strawberry bed squared away.  In the meanwhile, it’s sit back and enjoy some coffee time for another hour.  Then I gotta get my ass in gear.


IMG_0006-XLThe sky is blue, the sun is warm and we have warm breezes today.  Everything is starting to pop open right now.  I’m have tempted to start planting some seeds tomorrow; tempted that is until I looked at the 10 day forecast.  In as much as I’m chomping at the bit to get started, I have to be patient a little while longer.

Maybe I’ll make a garden center run to buy some more herbs for planting.  I can always bring the planter boxes in at night.  I know it may seem odd to some but this is Minnesota after all.  We’re a couple weeks behind in weather to a number of places.

Oh yeh.  I definitely need to buy that macro lens next before I get the next zoom lens.

Friday Morning

IMG_0004-XLI should be working instead of posting this but I said the hell with it and am posting anywho.  I’m really loving up on this warm weather that we’ve been having lately and everything is starting to green up.  Rain is in the forecast, so I hafta be as busy as a beaver tomorrow morning to get two chores done before the rain starts to fall down out of the sky.  Two last weeks of final prep and I can start planting in my garden beds.