Simon’s Cat – Hot Waer


Saturday morning

IMG_0011-XLCoffee and a cinnamon roll.  The sun is out (for now).  None of that white stuff is on the ground.  Temps are supposed to be in the 60’s (abt 17C – 18C).  Back today to the yard chores at hand.

But I think I’ll stick with my coffee a tad bit longer.  There’s some good tunes coming from YouTube right now.

Paulo Arruda

The Daydreamer Challenge Day 5 – Why Blog?

wpid-the-daydreamer-challenge5The original challenge came from here…!

But I picked up the challenge from this proper English lady.  Cool!  I actually got the hyperlink setup.  Hey, old DOS dogs can learn new tricks.

So why do I blog?  Good question.  I wish I had a good answer or one that may make a bit of sense at the very least.  It’s not like I started blogging last year when I created the account here; I started a number of years ago actually.  I just wanted a place to write down what was floating around in my lil’ pea brain of mine.

And to answer the question “Would you like one of your posts to go viral?”  Hmmm.  I dunno.  I’ve never ever posted anything that went viral.  I supposed it would be awesome but then maybe I’d also be asking myself “Who are all of these people?

My favorite posts:  Have all vanished with time.  Everything that I posted on Yahoo 360 died when it died.  The same goes for everything that I posted on Multiply.  So we start fresh once again  but I do like posting music and art that I find to be interesting.

My achievements:  I’m not all about my blog and I don’t get all excited and bent out of shape because I don’t have a hunderty billionty followers.  And to be quite honest, I don’t think I would really know what to do with a couple hundred followers let alone several thousand.  I mean, how do you keep up with that many?  No, I look at the “My Site” link and I click on it and it says that I have 15 views and 7 visitors and I think “Oh OK.”.  It’s pretty cool to me that 7 people stopped by.  So even 1 visitor is an achievement to me.

My goals:  Actually I want to say that my goal is to find back my lens cap that I lost while in England last year.  I’m sure I left it in York.  Maybe it rolled towards Dover.  Who knows?  But I do want to settle down and stay in a place for more than 2 -3 years before the site dries up and goes away.

And a question for bloggers:  What are you good at?

What a difference a couple hours makes

IMG_0001-XLYou can’t tell that “S” stuff was flying around here this morning.  This is one of the reasons this neck of the 100 Acre Wood makes me crazy at times.

It’s warm.  No, it’s cold.  It’s warm again.  No, it’s cold again.  We have blue skies.  Now it’s snowing!  We have blue skies again.  Let’s snow some more!

I hate March and April in Minnesota.  It can’t make up its mind what it’s gonna do here any more than a man can.