Good Morning!

I love coming in after being gone for four days and being inundated with one complaint after another.

“My boss hates me!” Yes, I know.

“They can’t do this!” Well actually, yeh they can.

“You don’t understand what it’s like being shorthanded!” As compared to me working by my onesy since last November? Yes, tell me how your 2 months of working shorthanded is that much more difficult as compared to my 6 going on 7 months.

“No one knows what they are doing around here!” Well gee, let’s look in the manual and see what it has to say about that and … OMG!!! … would you look at that! Instructions on how to do what you’re complaining about! What will they think of next??? Wow! Just think. The wonders of the universe would have opened up for us if we had just used some of that college education and read just a wee little bit.

“You’re being sarcastic.” No, I’m being a smart ass. If I wanted to be sarcastic, I woulda said your Momma and your wife still loves you.

I love my job. I love my job. I love my job.

Nah, that mantra didn’t work. I wonder if the liquor store down the street is open. I could use something to Irish up my coffee this morning.


Blossoms today

I thought yesterday afternoon’s thunderstorm did a number on my crab apple blossoms.  I was pleasantly surprised today that the damage wasn’t as bad as I first thought it was.  Plus I think they filled out a bit more than they were yesterday morning.  Regardless of what actually happened, it all worked out just fine as far as I’m concerned.  It’s too bad that they only last for a week or two.


IMG_0002-XLI decided to stay home from work today.  Mainly because I wok up I dunno how many times last night with an upset stomach.  I hate nights like those.  My alarm went off on time bed my head thought Big Ben was tolling right next to my head.  So we stayed home.  But at least it’s sunny out there and Miss Lily is enjoying the sunlight coming thru the front window.

From Emotional Luggage’s WordPress

What is your favourite recipe? Food wise pls. And healthy. (As in, not too much sugar and/or junk).  I make a garlic beef roast for a Sunday dinner every now and then.  It take a day to prep it before cooking it.  It may not be healthy since it is red meat but it tastes good.

What capital/country/city in this world we live in would be a MUST VISIT?  Vienna!  I have been to Paris and London and Bern but Vienna is the cat’s meow as far as I am concerned.

What is your MOST favourite romantic love song? No sad heartbreakers, please.  Boz Scaggs – Harbor Lights (the original version)

Which one of the following would you prefer most: An amusement park, mini golf, a spa, a picnic, going to the club, A bicycle trip? IF you don’t like any of them, tell me what you DO like.  A picnic.

Is there anything you’d like to see me post about? (No, not my picture or too intimate questions. There are lines I do not cross, there are kids here, people!)  Post about where you live.  Go take some pics with your phone.  I am fascinated by where people live.  And how come no pic of you?  I posted mine.

Give me an idea for a drawing. I will try my best to properly draw it for you. Free of charge. (Pls, no huge projects, I have a life you know. :P)  Draw what is outside your window.

What do you think I could still improve in my blog? Which part do you think sucks so bad it makes you cringe?  I think your blog is fine as it is.  I am not a professional blogger so I write and post whatever pops into my little pea brain.

Saturday Night

IMG_0009-XLIt warmed up nicely today and the large crab apple tree showed off it’s blossoms magnificently.  It smells so sweet whenever I walk by them.  The red crab apple trees look like they are really ready to explode but my smaller whites are not looking so good.  It looks to me that the last late season snow and cold spell may have frosted the buds on those trees.  It’s too bad but there’s always next year.

The birds are still singing up a storm as the sun sets as especially two male cardinals.  They both must be competing for someone’s attention or there are a couple girl friends hanging out around close by.  You can smell smoke from someone’s fire pit as it drifts on the evening air.  Weekends are going by much too quickly as far as I’m concerned.  I wish they would slow down.