So I looked out on to my deck a little while ago.

IMG_0002-XLAnd I’m watching that white stuff slowly melt away and turn to water.  Then it freezes at night.  Then it’s overcast and grey out there.  And there’s no sun.  Where’s the sun?  Better yet, where’s my Global Warming?  Didn’t Al Gore promise us Global Warming?  I want my Global Warming and I want it now!

OK.  So we’re a little bit more than anxious for Spring to actually get here.


So where were we?

IMG_0002-XLInterrupted by the white stuff that fell out of the sky I think.  Where were we?  Spring I think.  Or at the very least we were trying to reach some degree of Spring after several months of white and grey and cold and ice.  Yeh, that gets real old after a couple months of it.

But it’s still all good because my lily opened and the cats have been leaving it alone.  And I’m actually surprised that my black and white tuxedo tabby, Miss Lily, hasn’t been checking it out.  She is one that does like to check out flowers and one set of orchids that I had still had pollen which stained her white nose yellow.

The weather forecast looks good, so I’ll go back to thinking about my garden for this year.  Yeh we have a coating of this white stuff on the ground but it won’t last long.  It never does this time of year.  It’s just a bunch of frozen water and Lord knows we need the moisture.

The day after.

IMG_0001-XLWe had one a Spring yesterday.  It’s not uncommon and in as much as I hate to see that white stuff return, things like these happen this time of year in this part of the 100 acre wood.  We used to love them when I was a kid and the Mom’s and Dad’s and the older neighbors would just groan when a Spring snow would happen.  We kids loved them because because it extended our sledding and snowball fights.  The older people would concede that it was great because it brought some much needed water for the gardens but they still groaned none the less.

It took me a while but I think I figured out why they groaned so much.  And I think the reason is because we start to hunger for a colour when it’s been absent from our lives.  I learned this is the desert.  I loved it there with its heat and evening sunsets or oranges, red, yellows and pinks.  But after a while I began to hunger to see the colour green.  I got tired of seeing tans and browns and the absence of other colours.  I wanted to see something growing again and I started to hunger for green.

So I don’t think it’s much different back here in the world and I’m hungering for Spring and tired of white and grey.  I want to see blue skies and green grass and flowers blooming and trees in i full leaf.  So I been catching myself groaning as one year drags into another and the winters seem to drag on and on.  This won’t last long.  a couple warm days or a couple days of rain and we’re back to where we were last week.  I’m ready for Spring.  I hunger for green once again.

Whoopee! It’s Spring in Minnesota

IMG_0006-XLWell, maybe it is.  It’s not unusual for a late winter snow and that’s exactly what we got late yesterday afternoon.  It snowed because it was too cold to rain and we’ll leave that explanation at that.    But it dumped and it dumped and it dumped some heavy, wet stuff on us leaving me with about 8″ – 9″ of snow on the drive.  It’s a good thing I teleworked last Friday.  It’s a +stay-at-home -and-work-from-there Monday for me.  One good thing about teleworking from home – you’re never late and the commute is a breeze.



IMG_0103-XLOK, so it’s Sunday morning here and I really don’t care for the colour of the skies out there.  What I could even care less about is the weather forecast for today.  Ugh!  No, you don’t want to know what it is.  I don’t want to know what it is.  I have resigned myself to the fact that I’m further up on the snow belt than I care to be but I’ll just kinda sorta figure out a way to deal with it.

Regardless, I’m sitting here sipping on a cup of coffee trying to gather my thoughts and figure out what all I want to get done today if anything.  I definitely have to make a run to my store of dreams for some light bulbs so I may illuminate my kitchen once again.  I can, if I want, start to work on my cage for my new strawberry bed; but that requires some materials and my slush fund is running kinda low.  It’s not like I’m dead broke and having to resort to panhandling or anything like that.  I just don’t like my little zipper bag of “running around money” to be too low.  We’ll figure it all out somehow.

In the meanwhile, it’s back to also looking at a lenses for my camera.  Do I get a macro or a new telephoto lens?  Decisions, decision.