IMG_0001-XLThe skies can be a brilliant pink on an early morning around these parts.  They appear as the sun starts to rise against a early grey sky and there’s an explosion of pinks mixed with reds and oranges on the horizon.  Unfortunately, they don’t last for very long and one has to be quick to capture a moment in time before it disappears.  But it’s nice to sit back with a cup of coffee and sit with no lights on so you can enjoy this moment.  And just as quickly, it’s gone and we’re back to an atypical grey morning January sky for Minnesota.

My back is protesting my drive yesterday. I couldn’t have asked for better weather than what they had down home yesterday.  I even managed to get Petey all warshed and sparklie once again.  It’s too bad I also noticed all of the rock chips that she has accumulated over time.  I also got a good look at her rims while I was at it.  Yeh, I think it’s time to call a guy I know and see what it would cost to have him and his body shop guys go over her when I’m traveling this coming October.  Get them all covered and the rims cleaned up and repainted.  Make her looking like a proper lady once again.  Maybe I’ll spring for some new floor mats while I’m at it.


Saturday Morning

IMG_0005-XLSaturday morning and it’s time to sit back and just enjoy some simple pleasures in life.  Like sitting here sipping on a cup of Kona and looking out my front window.  Special emphasis is put on “MY” in this case.

As in “MY” house and not some quarters the Government assigned to me.

“MY” window.  The one that I picked out to replace what was originally here when I closed on this house.  “MY” window and not some window that an overpaid Government civil engineer picked out and decided would be installed.

Looking at “MY” walls and painting them the colour of “MY” choice and again not some stupid ass off-white colour or beige or tan that Housing Management says it must be.  And one of “MY” choice so I can paint it any damn colour of “MY” choice.  Yeh, that’s a nice thing.

And looking out over “MY” neighborhood and not one that I have to leave because Uncle Sugar says that they need me for a while in Country “________”.  (fill in the blank)

Yeh.  Simple pleasures.  It will be nicer whenever it decides to warm up around these parts.  But it’s all good.  It was “MY” choice to move here versus someone telling me where to go.  The coffee tastes and goes down mucher, mucher betterer now.

Morning in Minnesota or “WTF is wrong with you? It snows here! Surprise!!!”


OK, this is Minnesota.  It’s January.  It SNOWS here in January.  It has for centuries.  It will continue to do so until we get that Global Warming that Al Gore promised us.  Most of the metro drivers are from here.  They were born here.  They grew up here.  They went to school here.  They learned to drive here.  They got married here (more than once in some cases).  They raised or are raising their kids here so they can be just like them.

Why is it so difficult for them to drive on 1 inch of snow???  Hey reality check time – that SUV you’re driving may make you go fast on the greasy roads but it aint gonna help you stop any faster.

Wheeee!!!!  Look at me!!!  My Yukon spins around and around and around and around.

And then they have the audacity to act surprised that it happened.

That low “thump, thump, thump” sound you’re hearing is me beating my head on my desk.

And people wonder why I come in to work so early.  Is it the cocktail hour yet?  It’s gotta be that time somewhere in the world.