Wednesday Evening

It’s cold out there and the wind makes it worse. Bitter cold. That kinda cold that makes your face hurt. I have to put on the Arctic parka, head gear, ear protection and the pack boots to stay warm. It still doesn’t seem like it’s enough. It snowed through the night and well into today. It stopped long enough for us to think that Mother Nature gave us a reprieve from the weather outlook. Wrong! It started snowing once again with no signs of letting up.

The plus up from this is Sophie thoroughly enjoys playing in the new snow. She hops and bounces through the snow chasing what snow she flips up in front of her. She hops into the deep show and finds that she sometimes can’t move forward. So she bounces around until she gets turned around and hops and bounces out the same way that she went in. It’s entertaining to watch her. She cracks me up with her antics and made today more bearable.

Tuesday Morning

Well, not done but at least it’s not such a mess no more. I’m not sure about the paint colour choice my oldest had for the fireplace. I think I’ll just close my eyes and paint it that colour anywho. Snowmageddon is supposed to be headed this way this week and it makes me wonder if I’ll be able to get the moulding that I need so I can trim out the ledge boards. To compound that problem, I installed some new LED ceiling lights on the other side of the room and one refuses to unlock so I can paint the ceiling. Ugh!

That light was probably designed by some stupid engineer.


Sophie decided that she was my painting inspector. She was so happy that she could help. Now I’m wondering where she got her nose on the wall. Yes, it took me a while to get all of the paint off of her face. It was like trying to hold on to Jello wiping her face clean.

Five for Friday

It’s that time of week once again and lo and behold I’m ahead of schedule. How did that happen? It’s obviously a mistake. Let’s see what the ol’ grey matter produces today.

  1. Sometimes I feel like it’s two steps forward and three back with housebreaking Sophie. Some times she gets it. Some times she don’t. Sometimes I check her signals. Sometimes I don’t. Ugh! It almost sounds like a Mounds & Almond Joy commercial.
  2. On to the next wall. Two more to go and I probably have to paint the ceiling. Now I just have to figure out how to get those two LED ceiling lights down without tearing them out. This means my brain has to think. Oh lordy! I’m hesitant to see what it will come up with. This also means that I have to go find that white ceiling paint that goes on pink but dries white.
  3. It was a rather tropical 0 degrees F out there when Sophie and I went for a walk this morning. That translate to a rather balmy -18C for the rest of you. Wouldn’t you much rather stop being so selfish with your warmer temps and push for some Global Warming???
  4. This month is flying by. I’m already wondering what I will plat in my garden beds this year. I still ave pumpkin seeds which I will start in late June. Maybe I’ll try to plant some potatoes to go in that bed as well. I saw a pretty good tomato plant hack that I want to try. I also need to decide what color petunias that I want to plant in my flower boxes this year. Maybe I’ll go with all purple this year and do red begonias for the hanging plants for the deck. Now what do I do about the front door? Ugh! It’s almost too much to think about.
  5. I’m hoping that what I owe Uncle Sugar and Gov. Walz this year for taxes won’t be so bad. Maybe I’ll have enough nickels left over where I can put in a chain link fence so Sophie can run free and do squirrel patrol for me when I’m outside. Touch wood.

Whew! There ya have it. Feel free to comment and/or wave a vigorous “HOWDY!” on your way thru if’n you would like.

Some Thoughts for Thursday

I miss my old self. The “old self” being the one that I was before having a mild stroke. I used to be able to multi-task and I was completely fearless when confronted by antagonists. Now? I get overwhelmed. This causes confusion and I just end up shutting down and walking away.

I told someone that I was working on the downstairs walls and painting them once they were repaired. I told them that the end of the month was a target completion date. They ended concluded that I was lying and being deceitful. The conversation began with a “I find it interesting that you are spending so much time on those walls when ….” Oh please! I’ve heard that one before. I’m way past those high school games. Disqualified.

Sophie still loves me. So does Maggie and Tillie tho they prefer that I move that beastie out of their house.

February in central Minnesota. Cold and then warm up and back to cold and back to warm and back to cold and back to warm and back to cold and so on and so on. Winter has lost its luster. It’s no longer sexy. The snow is crystally and dirty looking. It’s not sexy any more. Winter hangs on to aggravate you. Maybe 58 more days until snow out.