Art Sunday #14: Pierre-Aguste Renoir – Pink & Blue


Alice and Elisabeth Cahen d’Anvers is an oil painting by French impressionist Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Produced in Paris in 1881, the painting depicts the sisters Alice and Elisabeth, daughters of the Jewish banker Louis Raphaël Cahen d’Anvers.



Art Sunday #11: El Greco – The Burial of the Count of Orgaz

El_Greco_-_The_Burial_of_the_Count_of_OrgazIt’s a beautiful work if you ever are in Toledo, Spain.  Find the cathedral and then look for the side chapel of the Virgin.  Pay the entrance fee and enjoy.  Forget the camera.  No photos allowed of the painting in the chapel.  The chapel is small and the crowds can be large, so you may need to ever so politely elbow your way thru.  Find the self portrait of El Greco in the crowd.