About Jim

I think this is the part where you are to write something clever and witty about yourself. I’m solidly locked in middle age and content with myself. I love to travel to see and experience new things, new foods and new drink. I also like to cook and bake mainly because I like to eat. And I found out that I’m pretty good at both. I'm not a professional blogger nor do I want to be. I'll leave that to others while I'll kick back and post whatever suddenly pops into my brain. I'm more spontaneous anyway. And the rest we’ll just kinda sorta figure out as we go along. Feel free to leave comments or even just to say "Hello". Find me at: https://mnghostt.wordpress.com. Find me on Instagram at: ghosttrider77

Thursday Morning

I kinda like how the rain plays with light when it reflects the light.  I always have. I’ve always thought it made things shine silver or gold depending on how it reflected the light back.  Maybe it’s just me.

I would have preferred to stay home on a day like this. Rainy days make for good napping weather, baking weather or book reading weather. I could use a goof off day.  

Wednesday Night

IMG_0002-XLTwo more up and two to go.  I’m just hoping that there will be occupants soon enough.  I’m sure it won’t be too awfully long until I have some tenants.

The good Lord willing and if the crick don’t rise that is.