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Thursday Musing

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81hDlK8KWuL._SL1500_I’ve decided to try something new this winter considering I’m gonna be stuck in the house  for a good part of the next 3 – 4 months.  I somehow managed to save my herbs from this past season and they seem to be doing almost kinda sorta OK with being indoors right now.  Well, at least they haven’t turned brown, shriveled up and died away.

I’ve been looking around and I’ve noticed one grow lamp that I like and am interested in.  Unfortunately the product doesn’t necessarily have good product reviews.  Now it makes me regret not paying attention more than I did when I was in the cannabis shop in Amsterdam.  No, I wasn’t looking for some marijuana but they did have some excellent hydroponics and artificial sun setups to grow the stuff indoors.  My thought process was if it worked for pot it would surely work for rosemary and thyme.

Well, I guess I’ll keep looking around for now.  I’m sure I’ll find something that will work.

Random Thoughts

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IMG_0005-XLI wish I had this morning off.  We had a heavy frost overnight and everything outside was covered in white.  Well, that is except for the bunny rabbit that was hanging out on the south side of the garage.  At least it’s tail was white.

I have so many things on my mind right.  There is so much that I have to get done by Friday of next week and I know I’m missing things as I push forward with each day.  What bothers me most is who I’m missing out on.  I think I’ll start planning my Christmas dinner menu to help occupy some loose thoughts.  I have a potluck next week to worry about also.  What to take?

IMG_0209-XLA friend of mine is living and working in Germany.  She sent me an email wishing me a Frohe Weihnachten.  I’d give almost anything to be able to afford to leave work right now for a week to go to Berlin or Munich.  It would be wonderful to walk a Christmas Market and smell the sausages on the grill and to warm up with a cup of gluhwein.

The winter solstice is almost here.  I wonder if we will have a clear sky all day that day?

Maxwell – Ascension (Don’t Ever Wonder)

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Tuesday Night

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IMG_0017-XLI went outside just a little while ago without any shoes on just to check on a few things.  That concrete sure gets cold on some stocking feet this time of year.  It was chillery right down to the bone I’m here to say.

I noticed right off the smell of wood smoke drifting over the neighborhood.  It’s probably one of my neighbors in the older neighborhoods out back of me.  They tend to have real fireplaces or wood burning stoves in their homes whereas we have natural gas fireplaces in ours.  I thought about putting in a wood burning stove a while back and then I thought of the maintenance that goes in to one and the wood chores and such.  I thought otherwise real quick like.

I do like a wood fire however.  There’s something about the smell of a wood fire this time of year when the air is heavy and cold and the ice and snow chase you inside.  There’s something about listening to the wood pop and crack as it burns.  And there’s something about how warm and cozy a wood fire makes you feel when you’re nearby.  It warms to the bone and makes you want to sleep.  Well, it makes me want to sleep at least.

I’ll have some supper here after a bit, clean up the kitchen and put away leftovers for lunch tomorrow.  Then I’ll go downstairs for a bit before I have to turn in for the night.  My fireplace is on down there.  It may not be as warm and cozy and as sexy as having a real wood burning fire; but it warms you none the less.