Five for Friday

It’s past the normal time of the day to post this. It’s been one of those days. Let’s see …

  1. It started out slightly warm, 31F (-1C) this morning and the temps went down hill. The Ice Maiden dumped another 2″ of that icky, bad white stuff on us. Now the wind is up and it’s bitter cold. It’s a good weekend to stay inside other than to take Sophie out every now and then. It’s a good weekend to keep working on my winter indoor project.
  2. I was thinking this morning how the weather reminded me of the weather this time of year in southern Iowa. The end of January typically was the last days of bitter cold and then the temps would be heading up. Too bad I’m not in southern Iowa. I liked how winters were a lot shorter than they are here.
  3. Work has returned to the normal pace. Busy on the front end of the week and tapering off to nothing by Thursday morning. I was done with what I had to do by early yesterday morning and I had to invent some work this morning. What’s the down side? It all pays the same.
  4. I need to make my way out to my shed tomorrow. I would normally have had a path in the snow to get to it but I didn’t get one shoveled out this year. So now I get to play Admiral Byrd heading for the North Pole on foot.
  5. The wind has blown the snow and obliterated tracks that Sophie and I made in it. It’s time to blaze new trails in the snow

There you have it. Feel free to comment and?or wave a vigorous ‘HOWDY!” if’n you would like on your way thru./

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