Some Random Thoughts for Thursday Morning

Damn, it’s cold out there. It’s a rather tropical 3F (-16C) and the cold nips at my ears. Sophie’s parka vest has been washed and she’s back to wearing it along with her harness. She seems to be alright being out there right now other than not being as playful in the snow. Not that I blame her of course.

The sun is out and shining this morning. I love how those golden rays of sunshine beam through my windows. I can only hope that it feels warm on the face when I go outside the next time.

It’s 8:11 AM and all of my work for today is done. I’m not sure what I will do now to keep myself seemingly busy. Easy money.

My thrift savings is trying to recover despite Brandon and those fools in the Congress. When is common sense finally going to prevail?

People outside the fence have done lost their godd**n minds! When did shooting up a bunch a people become such a compelling fad? When did that become the answer to all of life’s problems and hardships?

5 thoughts on “Some Random Thoughts for Thursday Morning

  1. When is common sense finally going to prevail? MY THOUGHT: common sense never prevails anywhere but at least some people have a little. Not me of course but some do. i’m one those people who are kind of intelligent BUT DUMB!

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