Some lessons that I’ve learned so far from Sophie

It’s very true that Scottish Terriers are enormously stubborn. She’s not going to do something if she doesn’t want to. If it’s not the direction that she wants to go for a walk, then we just don’t go that way because she digs her heels in and doesn’t want to budge.

The cats can kiss her (which they have and I about fainted when I saw both do it) but she can’t kiss them. They’re all females and I suppose they make their own rules.

Why is her back longer than her neck and head combined? They are supposed to be proportionate. I guess that will all be corrected when she finishes growing.

Teaching her to lay down is mind numbing. Refer back to my first sentence. I’m not sure that she will ever get her AKC “Good Citizen” certificate much less complete the training.

Going outside to go potty also requires a short walk or so she now thinks and that’s just the way it is now. Refer back to my first sentence.

She always has lots of kisses for whomever she likes. I hope that never ends.

7 thoughts on “Some lessons that I’ve learned so far from Sophie

  1. They BOTH kissed her?
    U be right & i be wrong. Really she is just a toddler still. i understand about the proportions though, however the doxie i was “gifted” was a mixture of miniature and regular size and looked kind weird & and acted like that. What kind of little short dog goes after Dobies & Great Danes?
    But she loved the mailman. (well after she tried to sass him and he said NO & then petted her when she laid down and rolled over). i only let her have beer & chips on Xmas & New Years OR when ever i spilled mine. She went everywhere with me. There was one Carl’s Jr in San Clemente that i drove thru most Monday AMs where most of ’em understood the no grill seasoning directive & started overloading my hamburger order from hers & started giving me just the fresh cooked patty WITH NOTHING ELSE for her. This would hold us both over until we got home or we went directly to my then work. THEY LOVED HER THERE BUT TRY TO CARRY A CHUBBY – OR MORE – DOG – UP A METAL OPEN STAIR CASE…IN A MINI. FINALLY HAD TO GIVE THOSE UP! THE DOGS & THE MINIS but I’VE MADE $$$ BY DOG, CAT, & FISH SITTING. oh i forgot to say 8 of the 20
    or so catz we feed, are waiting at the foot of the bed from 3.30 am ’til one of us gets up to “FEED ME!” DON’T GET ME STARTED ON THE SKUNKS, POSSUMS, & RACCOONS THAT UNDERSTAND THE CAT DOOR BETTER THAN MY NUMB NUTZ CATz DO.

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  2. Why is her back longer than her head and neck? Why is a baby’s head bigger than their body? lol I think she will grow into it, but I don’t really know since I know nothing about Scottish Terriers. Hope you have a good week Jim ❤

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