Wednesday Morning

The sun is hanging low in the sky. Most trees are bare. Food sources are starting to get scarce for the birds. My ever faithful cardinals, chickadees and sparrows are joined by woodpeckers and nuthatches. You can hear the Blue Jays crying from the trees around my place. You see them occasionally when and if they decide to fly in to feed and to show themselves. They are beautiful to look at in their coats of shades of blue.

It’s not the lonely time of the year out there. Winter hasn’t officially arrived according to the calendar but it has none the less in central Minnesota. I look outside and I shiver from the cold. It’s a time now for my flannel shirts and my fleece vests to stay warm whenever I venture outside and particularly when I take my little beastie outside. She wears her coat and I wear mine. She’s doing really well when we take short walks but she’s still a pup that is easily distracted. I think she will make for a good walking partner to keep me company when I stir my stumps to get my daily steps in.

Now to teach her to walk down steps in lieu of me having to carry her.

5 thoughts on “Wednesday Morning

  1. Your wee little beastie should be a GREAT companion….catz don’t DO walks. Just give the Jays some peanuts (on a high squirrel deterred feeder. They’ll eat ’em ASAP or bury ’em somewherez for later. Of course we are gonna have 76 degrees on T.Day and Day after T.Day (also known as Wild Turkey Shooters Day in my neck of the 100 acres. Happy T.Day Pooh! signed Owlie

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