Tuesday Morning

It’s dark and cold out there this morning. It’s a rather balmy 28F (-2C) out there right now. There’s a 70% chance of rain to go over the top of that icky bad white stuff that fell from the sky yesterday. Yeh. It’s a good thing I work from home. I can just imagine how the roads around this part of the Hundred Acre Wood will be like when you add rain to the mix. It’s a good day to stay home where it’s warm.

My beastie loves the icky bad white stuff. I need to take some pics of her in that stuff but I keep forgetting my phone. I have to keep an old towel by the front door to dry her off since she has low ground clearance. It’s funny watching her experience it. She’s just like a kid when it snows.

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning

  1. Good Idea Jim. NB is under a snow fall warning, first of the year, 15 -30 cm tomorrow. It is sunny and just above the freezing mark today so I will go out get some necessities and expect to stay in tomorrow Cheers

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