Wednesday Lunch Time

I was sitting here thinking about getting some lunch and I heard the wind kick up outside. The snow and ice is picked up by the wind and some of it went bouncing off my office window. It gave me a flashback to the day when I was a kid enduring yet another Iowa January. Our windows were original to the house and since the house was built in 1905; well, you can imagine how well they insulated us from the outdoors.

It’s al so grey and dull out there this time of year. It seems that there is very little color to be seen and enjoyed by the eyes. Everything seems to be slumbering in the cold. A few birds come by to visit the bird feeders but not many. Just some Juncos and some sparrows and a few chickadees. I’ve only seen the female cardinal a couple times and have seen no sign of the red male. I’m sure he’s around someplace and not leaving his girl friend all alone to fend for herself.

A few more days to go and I put another January down as past on my calendar. I wonder how many more I’ll see in this life. I wonder how long it will be before I slumber under the snows of an Iowa prairie with nothing more than a stone to indicate where I lay.

3 thoughts on “Wednesday Lunch Time

  1. Hey bubba i should ‘a been dead by 55, then 65, then 70, seems it ain’t gonna happen yet unless i make it happen and it also seems it don’t want that but it is an option (yah i know every counselor etc said it is a horrid coping skill) nutz 2 them.

    Happy Chinese New Year to U Pooh (i know it is a few dayz away) but you go get ’em Tiger!!!!! Put on another sweater, hang a cat or two off it and open a can of something that could pass for Asian. i am SURE that little cozy bistro called your kitchen can provide something. PC? not me! No matter who you believe in, i’ll take Pan today, all things are possible. I’m having Thai take out, even if “HE” won’t commit to what. Some of it will be veggie and it is in also in honor of (“HE’s) father too. Dah fadtha loved Thai food from “OUR” Thai House. On his birthday, the servers etc would stand up and clap when we exited. Nice bunch of people, i’m going to buy about 30 lotto tickets and take when we pick it up cuz i used to do it every year for prosperity in the New Year. yes i know i’m weird.

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  2. You have a LOT of January’s to look forward to because I am a long way from 90, well not that long, but anyhoo, don’t be thinking you are getting out of anything by leaving this earth before I am 90!! Ya hear me??? 😉

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