I’m dying here people. This is on the Fahrenheit scale which makes it -26.7C for the rest of you. I have to go out into it and start up the truck since it hasn’t been started since Sunday.

I’m gonna die. I’m gonna be eaten by polar bears or wolves. It’s so cold out there that even Bigfoot went south for the winter.

16 thoughts on “Ugh!

  1. Oh my, that is ridiculously cold. I can’t even send you some summer rays today cos our sun has disappeared! You can come and warm up by our campfire though. 🔥😊

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    1. AND add brandy, it won’t really keep you warm but uuummmhhh brandy & chocolate are really fine. ASK big foot cuz somebody is stealing mine that i got for my fake apple jack. um i wonder who that would have been if not BF or that dang leprechaun…o wait maybe it was me…..OOPS!

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