Wednesday Lunch Time

I was sitting here thinking about getting some lunch and I heard the wind kick up outside. The snow and ice is picked up by the wind and some of it went bouncing off my office window. It gave me a flashback to the day when I was a kid enduring yet another Iowa January. Our windows were original to the house and since the house was built in 1905; well, you can imagine how well they insulated us from the outdoors.

It’s al so grey and dull out there this time of year. It seems that there is very little color to be seen and enjoyed by the eyes. Everything seems to be slumbering in the cold. A few birds come by to visit the bird feeders but not many. Just some Juncos and some sparrows and a few chickadees. I’ve only seen the female cardinal a couple times and have seen no sign of the red male. I’m sure he’s around someplace and not leaving his girl friend all alone to fend for herself.

A few more days to go and I put another January down as past on my calendar. I wonder how many more I’ll see in this life. I wonder how long it will be before I slumber under the snows of an Iowa prairie with nothing more than a stone to indicate where I lay.


I’m dying here people. This is on the Fahrenheit scale which makes it -26.7C for the rest of you. I have to go out into it and start up the truck since it hasn’t been started since Sunday.

I’m gonna die. I’m gonna be eaten by polar bears or wolves. It’s so cold out there that even Bigfoot went south for the winter.