Tuesday Night

It’s cold out there. No. You don’t want to know what the temperature is right now. Just know that it’s dropping and won’t stop dropping thru most of the night. I’m struggling with people right now. So many people are complaining about a lot of useless crap and doing a lot of stupid crap all because they are tired, frustrated or some other nonsensical reason. Most of it doesn’t amount of a hill of beans come the end of the day. All that matters is some self righteous sense that they can put upon others and if they don’t like it, then other peoples must be stupid or they must be sheep being led to the slaughter or they can’t think for themselves.

I can think for myself. I’ve seen some stuff that will never leave my mind. These times are nothing but a thing. All some people want to do is to tell you who to blame and why you should be scared. I’m not scared nor do they scare me. Death is nothing but a thing to me. I roll my eyes at them and grow even more tired of their shenanigans. Back in the day I’d pack down a cigarette before smoking it and contemplating their idiocy. I don’t smoke anymore and haven’t for close to 20 years. Contemplating the idiocy of others is something that I still do well. Sometimes it’s best just to stay indoors and turn off the TV.