Monday Afternoon

Late January in central Minnesota. It’s cold out there and the weather forecast is dismal.All of the major holidays are done now. It just leaves one self with figuring out for themselves how to endure the rest of a typical long winter. You try to put yourself into or settle into a routine to help make the time go by faster but that never works for me. I have little patience during this time of year.

I shoveled last night’s snow off of the driveway only to watch the snow plow drive by my place 20- 30 minutes later. That was some rework to do. But at least the sun is out and it feels warm standing on the south side of the house that is blocked by the north breeze. But even these sensations are temporary given I can’t stand out there for too long since the sun will eventually set and the outside temps drop like a rock once the sun goes down. It’s back to figuring out something else to do to keep the spirits up and the mind occupied.

Bears have it right. It’s mucher betterer to hibernate through this winter and cold nonsense.