Five for Friday

It’s past my normal time to post this simply because I forgot and wasn’t paying attention to the time. Now that the ol’ grey matter is aware of its surrounds, maybe it will come up with something this week.

  1. The master bath is pretty much as far along as I can take it until the contractor finishes his end. I did most of the finishing touches and clean up but the rest has to wait for now.
  2. At least it rose to a rather tropical and balmy 10F out there. I went and grabbed some groceries from the market cuz the girls are spending the weekend but I think I’m staying indoors this weekend. This is a good weekend to watch some college basketball.
  3. I have a nice pork roast for Sunday dinner. I’ll get the girls to help me prepare and cook Sunday dinner. They’ll like doing that.
  4. This month is just flying by for me. What’s the down side? Nothing. January is a cold and miserable month in central Minnesota. The sooner it’s over the better off we are.
  5. I broke down and bought a new iMac from Apple on-line. What I have is a tad slow for what I need and it’s time. I’ll reset it back to factory original and run all updates on what I have now when the new one is delivered. I’m going to give it to the girls for their use. They will get a lot more use out of it than what its trade-in value is for me.

There you have it. Feel free to comment and/or chase away the Arctic wolves and polar bears that are outside looking for those dumb humans that are out in this cold weather.