Wednesday Evening

Kid mistakes.” I hated those words. You heard those words from Pappy Davis whenever you didn’t pay attention to how he told you how to do things. He’d grumbled those words and you knew that you screwed. I hated the sounds of them. They reeked of disappointment and failure. Then you’d end up going through everything that you did and why it led to you not doing it right. Pappy wold usually say “You doggone kids are always in a gosh dern hurry to get things down rather than taking your time to do it right in the first place.”

Yeh. I heard those words this afternoon. when I was working on the shelves. I got done and I thought they didn’t look quite right. Sure enough, I measured the distance between the lowest shelf and the one above it. It was supposed to be 16″ difference and it was 17 1/2″. What was supposed to be a 12″ difference between the others turned out to be 13 1/2″. Oops.

Oh well. The 1X2’s that I used to hold the shelves up are fastened in real good and we’ll just live with it. Someone can spend their own dime if they don’t like them. Yeh. I can hear Pappy grumbling “Kid mistakes.” I know he’s laughing about me catching it and forgetting to listen to his lessons.

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Evening

  1. i think i’d have liked your pappy but believe me, is didn’t listen much to mine. i told you to take a pix of shelves but don’t if you don’t want. You know sometimes making due can make things different but perhaps better. Well, it makes it different. Who wants entropy and purrfect balance? not me, i’m a libra and my scales aren’t balanced but they still do swing. also, i’m also kinda blind

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