Art Sunday: Eva Theresa Bradshaw – Spring Bouquet

Eva Theresa Bradshaw (1871–1938) was a Canadian painter known for her floral paintings.  Bradshaw was born in 1871 in London, Ontario.

She studied art in Canada under John and James Griffiths, and with her mentor Florence Carlyle. She also studied in the United States; in Boston, Philadelphia, and New York. In New York she studied under Robert Henri.

Bradshaw exhibited regularly with the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts from 1902 through 1907. Her paintings were exhibited in the Canadian art section at the 1923 British Empire Exhibition at Wembley, England.

She was a member of the Western Art League for over three decades, serving as treasurer for many years.

Bradshaw died in 1938.


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  1. i’m a gonna hafta pull something taped on my wall and replace with this. THANX FOR ANOTHER GREAT TOUR RECOMMENDATION some of her other images will be going on my wall too. It was very quiet at the museum this am and they let me bring 3 catz.

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