Five for Friday

It’s a wee bit past the normal time to post this for this week but we can only do what we can do. Let’s see where the ol’ grey matter takes us to this week.

  1. The master bath is covered in plastic and I’ll be repainting the ceiling after I get down with this and have some soup for lunch. The taskings for today are to paint the ceiling, install a new light, clean up and get back on the walls. It will look beauteous when its all done.
  2. It’s snowing once again in central Minnesota. It’s a normal thing but thank the Gods the worst of it went south of us. Send out the rescue dogs for Boo. She may be needing them.
  3. No bump up in pay because of a new year. It’s kinda sorta disappointing but this is still easy money so I will appreciate what I have.
  4. I have a three day weekend thanks to Monday’s holiday. Too bad the weather and chores aren’t cooperating with me.
  5. No gummys for this weekend because of basketball games. I think I’ll bake some bread instead since I’m out of bread. Spaghetti sounds good too..

There you have it. Feel free to comment and/or send sled dogs out to take Boo home from work.