Random Thoughts for a Thursday Morning

The contractors came in yesterday and nuked the master bath. They also amazed me with how quick they replaced everything and got it all done for their end. It’s a huge improvement but now I’m stuck with my end of the deal which is repairing the walls, painting them, painting the ceiling, putting a new light up, a new towel ring and lastly the all important paper holder. I’m looking at the floor and wall trim that they left behind and I’m not sure if it’s what should go on or if I should get some white instead. Decisions, decisions.

I have a bit of a sinus infection with all of it’s side effects. My daughter thinks I could have the COVID. Insert eye roll here. Every illness has to be the COVID, right?

Miss Maggie got stuck in the closet under the stairs. She snuck in without me noticing her go in there and I closed the door behind me and on her. I was wondering why Miss Tillie was acting all upset and then I heard something smacking at a door. The said door also had a paw and part of a front leg coming out from under it. She’s released and everyone is settling down now.

Back to working on the walls. More later.