Picking Out Siding Colors

I know that this sounds incredibly sexist but there are some things guys are better off letting women decide. It’s not that we’re stupid or we can’t do it but most women that I’ve ever met are far superior to men in a number of areas. One of them, as pointed out by my daughters, is that I’m not good at picking out colors. For me there are the basic colors like white, red, blue, yellow, green, etc. etc. And then you can throw in some creams and some pastels but I for one don’t get too far down in the weeds with this.

So now I hafta pick out siding colors for the house so materials can be ordered and an install date can be tentatively setup. I would like something other than just one color and it’s a good time to give the house a fresh look. Understand that I’d like something along the line of a tan with a brown and my pea brain mind just can’t keep up with my oldest.

I like this one. It’s cream.

No, it’s Abobe Cream.

But this one is a cream too.

No, it’s Maple.

It looks like a friggen darker cream to me. Then this color is brown.

No, it’s Espresso.

Isn’t that brown?

No. It’s Espresso.

Then this one is brown.

No, it’s Chocolate.

That’s a brown.

No, you’re wrong. It’s Chocolate and it is different from Brown and Espresso.

What about this one?

It’s Wicker.

But it looks tan.

You’re wrong. It’s Wicker.

I’m just gonna let my oldest pick out two colors and call it good. It’s giving me a headache. Why any woman would want to be the equal of a dude is totally beyond me. I mean, we can’t even keep up with you when it comes to colors so why in God’s name would you want to take a step backwards? Just give me something simple like “Take care of the lawn. Shovel the snow out of the drive. Fix this!” My brain comprehends that.