One thought on “I had a visitor today

  1. THAT is GREAT! are you sure you’re not 6 people, each with 6 arms or possibly 7 maid with 7 mops but in a gender unspecified way. Why do people who adopt a new or slightly different way of defining a word or idea, think that their interpretation is the only correct one?

    WoW this is sort”a funny cuz i just looked up pragmatism about 30 minutes ago, to be sure my daily rant for tomorrow (today now depending on how you define that. well that i almost kind’a seem like i know what i’m yelling about. Actually that would one of my daily rants today i stalked a dubious debt collector, boy is she mad but she doesn’t have a legal leg to stand on AND someone should teach her not to threaten if she won’t or CAN’T follow through. i’d say they went to bully school but it is always the same agency and the “agents” imply they can take legal action when of course they are just reading the same script and working for zip. Uniform officer at my door, i told her to tell the the officer to bring coffee and beer and we’d sit on my porch and laugh while he or she collects their not so fair wage. i also told her, in a message i’d sign paperwork for beer. She is not working in the mitigation department, she is working in the debt loss mitigation department but i think she forgot to look that up.

    baader meinhof phenomenon

    Now she is calling me and “asking” me politely to stop calling her” should have heard her message, i fell back on the bed laughing and then called her back and promised to never call again, i’m already tired of this game but really she lives in GA and probably is using HER PERSONAL phone to make these calls and who called who first but this would be the 3rd day of harassment and i can skirt issues too.

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