Good Bye Weekend! Good Bye August!

Another weekend escapes from me. It disappeared like a fart in a strong wind. That may not be a bad thing but a weekend disappearing quickly is never a good thing. Still I got a number of things done. I only wish that I had another day in between Saturday and Sunday. That will happen soon enough I suppose, so maybe I shouldn’t rush it.

Miss Tillie always starts crying and bellering around 8:00 PM letting me know that she thinks that it’s time for bed. I wish that she would stop. It’s annoying after a while. I suppose it’s her way of seeking attention or maybe the house that she came from went to bed at 8:00 PM every night.

One more month of good weather and I’ve already decided to get ready for what follows it. I picked up all of the pieces and parts today to make the other hoops of my hoop houses. I’ll follow that up with frames to hang some C9 Christmas lights for heat. I’ll just have to figure out how to water them all. Insulating the side walls is another thing ton think about while the weather permits.

The temps will be in the mid-70’s (approx 21 – 24C) this week telling me that there are few remaining hot days left for this year. I know what’s coming and I don’t look forward to it. Still, it will be nice to walk in the crisp morning air once again and maybe see my breath on the air. The fireplace is ready for a new season only I’m not. Time passes on much too quickly anymore.