Five for Friday

It’s well past the appointed hour to post this weekly post but that’s the way things work out sometimes. Life sucks and then ya die. Let’s see …

  1. I was busting my tail most of the day making sure all of the trim and finish work for the new windows had the polyurethane on them and then the blinds reinstalled and finally those curtains and top curtain thingees or whatever the hell they are called. I have most of the house put back together but I hafta mow the lawn once I clock out. There’s always something to do around a house.
  2. I need to track down a licenses HVAC installer who can reroute my gas fireplace exhaust vent. I have a lead on a firm who may have service technicians who can do it. I can’t do new siding on the house until this problem is fixed.
  3. I’m gonna replant some of my green beans this weekend. I have time yet. We’re good.
  4. We’ve been getting a lot of wildfire smoke haze from our neighbors to the north. We’ve had some crappy air quality days because of it. I’d like to thank our friends from Canada Land and I think we should respond with a gift in return. I think we should send Mr. Trump your way so you can benefit from his wisdom.
  5. Wow! July is almost done and August is here Sunday. I hated August when I was a kid. It meant having to go shop for back to school clothes, shoes and supplies. Maybe that’s part of the reason dudes hate shopping so much.

There ya have it. Better late than never. Feel free to comment and/or wave a vigorous “HOWDY!” on your way thru if’n you would like.