Wednesday Afternoon

It blew up a bit of a hoolie here this morning. All of the high winds and hail must have went north of my place cuz I sure didn’t see any of it here. It did rain a tad and the wind was cool but it didn’t last that long unfortunately. Now we’re back to the heat and the humidity. Ugh! Sorry about the quality of the pic. I was in a hurry to get as many shots as I could.

The other big news seems to be the CDC reversing itself on the wear of masks to prevent the spread of the delta variant of the COVID. I’m not a big fan of Government control over one’s life but I got the shots to help stop the spread. It really didn’t matter to me with getting the shots since I spent too many years in the US military and it loves giving GIs shots whenever possible. Uncle Sugar tells you to get a shot and you get the shot. It really was as simple as that for us.

But I don’t care for too much Government control and surveillance over my life. I gave Uncle Sugar 20 years and 11 days with of total control over my life and I’m glad it’s done and deemed history now. I personally don’t think that a lot of Americans truly and fully understand what it means when you give the US Government that much control over your life. Ask a GI what it feels like to have certain rights stripped away from you cuz you agreed to the terms of Government control. It works for you and it works against you. You don’t like what someone over you does or says? Well you get to shut up and go color lest your life be made totally and completely miserable.

I’ve seen it from both sides of the fence with either party in charge. You know what? There’s really not that much difference if you sit down and look at it impartially. You’re one roll of the dice away from being deemed “one of them” and it’s based upon whoever is in power and control at the time. All politicians lie, cheat, steal and tell you what you want to hear just so they get your vote and then they simply do their own thing once they have the office, the money and the power.

So if one were to ask me if I believed the CDC and big government regarding the pandemic, I would have to reply that I treat their statements suspect. Fact in point: “We need everyone to stay at home so we can flatten the curve.” How did that work out for you?

So I got the shots regardless of the Internet “virus hoax” conversation because I would much rather trust science versus some simpleton from the far right. And “No” it does not matter to me one iota that you refuse to get the shots. It’s a free country or at least it was. You don’t want the shots? What do I care? I don’t. I don’t care if you have an extended stay in the hospital or die or stay healthy for whatever reason. Make your life choices but don’t question mine cuz I sure as hell won’t be questioning yours. I’ll just ask you later on how that conspiracy or virus hoax theory is working out for you when you’re dead ass sick.