Some Random Thoughts for Tuesday

I bought a Chicago Cubs Garden Flag and stand for my step Dad’s and Mom’s headstone. I thought he’d like that flying there to let everyone know he was a Cubbies fan. We’re all glad that he finally got to see them win the World Series.

It’s hot and humid here. It was supposed to have rained today but it rained just enough to raise the dust before it stopped. N’t seem ow the clouds are dark grey but they just don’t want to seem to all come together to do anything for us. We need the rain badly.

I took a break from this to take care of the rest of my work day and then supper. It feels like southern Iowa and Missouri out there. It’s hot and humid and no air is moving. No breeze whatsoever. The air hangs heavy whenever you breathe it in. It doesn’t take long before perspiration starts to drip everywhere on your body. Maybe iot’s the humidity in the air.

I dumped out the bird bath and put fresh water into it. I have a sprinkler going on part of my yard but I’m not sure if the effort is worth the water that I’m dumping there. I think all that I managed to do was create a mud pool which will quickly dry up once I move the sprinkler.

It’s better right now to escape back into the cool house.