I’m an orphan now

My step Dad died this evening. He was 97 years young and one of the few remaining World war 2 veterans. He’s happy now because I know he’s with Momma now. He missed her so much after she died and he just wanted to hold her hand and be in her presence one more time. Well, he’s there now.

I was asked if I was going to drive down to the hospital to be with him one last time before he died. The answer was “No”. He wasn’t conscious and would have not known that I was there plus the hospital had a limit of one direct family member at a time in the room. I assume it has something to do with social distancing. I knew when I was asked that I would never make it in time anyway even if I left right away. Besides, he grew up in a different time when men were men and he wouldn’t want anyone standing around blubbering about him.

So I have mixed emotions tonight since I don’t do well with death. I’ll process it my way somehow.

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Art Sunday: Edouard Manet – The Monet Family in Their Garden at Argenteuil

In July and August 1874 Manet vacationed at his family’s house in Gennevilliers, just across the Seine from Monet at Argenteuil. The two painters saw each other often that summer, and on a number of occasions they were joined by Renoir. While Manet was painting this picture of Monet with his wife Camille and their son Jean, Monet painted Manet at his easel (location unknown). Renoir, who arrived just as Manet was beginning to work, borrowed paint, brushes, and canvas, positioned himself next to Manet, and painted Madame Monet and Her Son.

Source: https://www.metmuseum.org/art/collection/search/436965