Thursday Evening

I was frustrated with the Excel worksheet that I was working on. The line graphs weren’t looking like I wanted them to look like nor were they showing the information that I wanted to show; so I went for a walk. I do that from time to time. I set things aside and walk away from them to clear my head and to elevate stresses in my life.

I was thinking while out walking about all of the stuff that I’ve accumulated since I retired from the Air Force while I was out walking. And then I was thinking about how I owned a piece of God’s green earth. And then it struck me. I don’t own anything. I just give someone money so I can “rent” them for a period of time. The things that I “possess” are inanimate objects whereas I’m a living organism that occupies both space and time for a finite period of time.

Death is inevitable for all of us. None of us are immortal and so a time comes when our human selves cease to exist. Remember that you are dust and to dust you shall return. My organism self has a limited shelf life and the “green” funeral that I have been thinking about having will hasten my body’s decomposition and return to the mother earth. No burial in a steel box that is placed into a concrete shell for me. But for how long will my inanimate objects that I currently possess retain their physical form? That became a more unique question that I posed to myself.

I had to Google how long it would take for a body to decompose and for the skeleton to absorb into the ground. The answer appears to be about 20 years after burial given variables like soil composition, etc. So my physical presence on this earth could be around 100 years if I live to the age of 80 and have a “green” burial. So what would become of my stuff that I have?

Logically I will eventually purge a great deal of it as I get older and venture to guess that a great deal of it will end up in recycling or into a landfill. That’s kinda depressing once you sit down and think about it. But if left to nature’s own devices it occurred to me that a a great deal of my stuff would take a long period of time to breakdown if all of it were left in my house unattended and undisturbed by humans. Decay would speed up once my house is left to the elements and with no maintenance. It would fall in on itself over time allowing Mother Nature to come inside and run its course.

It’s humbling to realize how finite and small one is against time and the world. We occupy space and time on this earth ever so briefly only to be forgotten about as more and more years pass and those who knew us and were family becomes victims of time as well. Soon we are maybe only a name on a Government record or a name on a stone until both are eventually worn done and destroyed by time.

It makes problems with an Excel spreadsheet small and insignificant in comparison doesn’t it?