Tuesday Afternoon

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how busy I have been over this summer. There’s always the garden but now there is extra yard work to contend with, chores that I had let slip because of my stroke, accident and recovery from both, keeping an eye on the gummys and the research and analyzing that I now do for the firm that I now work for. Time seems to slip away from me far too quickly now. I should be slowing things down at this point in my life but I have kept right on churning and burning away in an effort to make the almighty dollar.

The plus side of this is that the gummys get to spend a summer like normal kids. They have friends in this neighborhood that they hang out with and they do all of the stuff that normal kids do. They rides bikes up and down the street. They play in the sprinkler to stay cool. They hang under under the shade of tree talking about things only 10 year old girls seem to think are important and secretive. They don’t get this where they live since their street is a main traffic street and kids their age are few and far between. So it’s a good thing that they can hang out here three days a week right for now and just be kids.

I don’t feel the same about me. Maybe it’s because I have no real vacation plans nor have I had any real vacation plans ever since I went to Germany in November 2019. I don’t have any real photo op plans neither. Here we are half way thru the month and I haven’t even put any thought into where I’d like to go. I seem too focuses on my lawn and other things around the house.

I’m in the late Autumn of my career life. I’m working because the opportunity was too good to pass up. The atypical stresses normally associated with my work activities are much, much lower since I know that I could easily be here today and unemployed tomorrow; so I no longer put a personal stake into what I do. But somehow some of the “normal things” that I used to always do consistently from day to day just aren’t there for right now like a daily post of thoughts. Something just feels … off.